A lot of people have heard about Github and how the Version Control System is working!

On today’s post, We will discover together how this is making the world a better place and making developers work easier.

Follow these little posts, to understand why you should. start using Github today.

  • The idea ? :

So I was checking out my browser bookmarks, then I noticed having a medium article about Telegram bot for Hacking & Pentesting. I checked the article and shared it on my Twitter account, than I’ve seen that some CyberSec (or Interested by ) loved the bot idea.
I made a
Penetration Testing Framework called Lockdoor, So why not making the same thing with my tool ?

Updates : Arbaz Hussain’s tool isn’t working now ( 12/15/2019 )

Check it here : https://github.com/arbazkiraak/hackbot

  • How does that work ?

So the idea is by running Lockdoor Framework from…

Yep! I was looking for a method or a trick to convert ISO files to docker images, It was hard to find one ! But the only one was not really explained and lacking some information. So here we are !!

Choosing the ISO file :

Well before starting the process ! Keep in mind that you have to use a live disc, means a bootable version of the operating system.

Before Starting ! :

In this tutorial/story, I’ll use Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS’s live disc ISO,

Keywords :

  • rootfs : a file system. In Linux, all file systems have a mount point, which is the directory where the mounted file system…

Lockdoor ?

Lockdoor, First let’s start by explaining this (kind-of) weird name. Well After days of thinking, I asked my best friend (Rafik) to suggest me a name of a tool on Cyber Security, IT field and all of that! First thing came to his mind was LOCKDOOOR ! I was like … euuuh Oookey let’s roll !

The Idea ?

Well before Lockdoor, I had A shell scripts that downloads all the tools I need from Github, The Public ones from other Github repositories and the Private ones from mine. With that I was customizing, Adding and removing tools and so on.

One day…

Sofiane Hamlaoui

Student, pentester , fan of proramming and a Cyber Security Analyst.

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