You want to invest in women? Really?
Emily Best

I’m the CEO, co-founder of Sofiia Ai, Inc, (Tracy Saville) behind this account. I’m 50 and building a really hard, new human behavior AI insight engine. Am also building a new fem-tech accelerator called FourthWave and we’re building every bit of what you call out “out” of our mechanisms, based in large part due to our conscious leadership values that successful accelerators like MergeLane have proven works.

Every word you wrote resonates. Every bit of your truth is THE truth. Keep sharing it. It’s critical to the change. I would add only this: when we build our own capital funds and catalyst efforts to mentor, educate, grow and invest, we have to stop crafting the sandboxes like patriarchal models do, setting up founders to move through “learning and proving” gauntlets that embody values and langugage like “we need to separate the founders who can gut it out from the rest”, or “everything else in your life has to be secondary before we’ll give you legitimacy as a real entrepreneur.” The number of so-called women funds or accelerators lie this is staggering. Yuck.

These ideals about how to end up with the best deals or the right founders are simply crap, and the studies now voluminous about diversity-based and fem-led company ways of being successful and their outperformance over male-dominated equity and leadership models have proven it so well that Wall Street has taken note with SHE and their $3 billion dollar diversity index.

Like you, I’m tired of having to choose between my health, sanity, family, and social impact over the old boy’s, old school definition of what entrepreneurial success looks like. Every article like your’s reminds me that there’s reason and cause for the sacrifices I made, like my mother who got her fourth degree at 52 and started her million-dollar company at the age of 56 and rocked it before me: you are the generation to show you have had enough, by your actions, and it makes me both proud and elated. Keep going. Let’s talk about building that new world together.

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