QuarkChain is a high capacity peer to peer transactional system, it uses shared technology to boots TPS (transaction per second) which greater than the main blockchain network 50 TPS.

A High Capacity P2P transactional system

According to QuarkChain Testnet, it can provide the highest TPS is over 10,000+ so far. Furthermore, it aims to provides a blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on chain. The high TPS of QuarkChain can cause more efficient cross-shard transactions.Then, Cross-shard transaction can be issued at any time and confirmed in minutes. The high-speed, high-capacity networks will carry fast-growing blockchain technology to meet the global-wise commercial standard.

This is a great improvement…

SoftChain Smart Wallet now has 4 features:

  • DApp Store
  • Union User ID System
  • Universal Transfer System
  • High efficient Transactions System

We want a smart wallet which can help you to entering thousands of blockchain world, at the same time a smart wallet can make your blockchain experience simply easier and convenience.

  1. Go to our website and sign your name and e-mail address.
Fill in you personal information

2. You will receive two e-mail, the one is come from our system send to you automatically, other one is send from Apple.

SoftChain is A DApp Store, we collect DApp and combine them.


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