Introduce SoftChain Smart Wallet

SoftChain Smart Wallet now has 4 features:

  • DApp Store
  • Union User ID System
  • Universal Transfer System
  • High efficient Transactions System

We want a smart wallet which can help you to entering thousands of blockchain world, at the same time a smart wallet can make your blockchain experience simply easier and convenience.

For our Build-in DApp Store, you can do lot of things with those dapps, such as exchange, gaming and invest management.

Our union ID can help our user to open a decentralized account on blockchain, we will never stored user’s data on our server, user’s data will only stored on blockchain and their own devices.

Universal Transfer system allows user to transfer their token between partners and merchants by using union ID to approve transfer. In this way, we provide some features.

When the transfer money is needed, the user does not need to open the address or QR code from the different wallets to scanned by other party. The SoftChain smart wallet provides a unified address to store various certificates, as tokens, BTC, ETH, etc. When user opens an account, the smart wallet will complete the creation of multiple wallets at the same time. Then, it will uses the same set of keys to protect the wallet.These wallets are securely stored in devices and blockchains, so users don’t have to tidy them up. All they need to know is that wallets exist in their devices.

In addition, we also launched SoftChain Pay. SoftChain Pay can be embedded in web pages, third-party apps and DApps. When user need to make a payment, these apps can pull up the SoftChain wallet for payment as requested.

As shown above, the Softchain will provide a fast, efficient, high-capacity public chain. To complete transction faster rather than blockchain which would take about 10 minutes. Furthermore, In order to meet the user’s requirements for immediately transaction to account, we would expect to complete a transaction between 10–30 seconds.

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