Why QuarkChain ?

QuarkChain is a high capacity peer to peer transactional system, it uses shared technology to boots TPS (transaction per second) which greater than the main blockchain network 50 TPS.

A High Capacity P2P transactional system

According to QuarkChain Testnet, it can provide the highest TPS is over 10,000+ so far. Furthermore, it aims to provides a blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on chain. The high TPS of QuarkChain can cause more efficient cross-shard transactions.Then, Cross-shard transaction can be issued at any time and confirmed in minutes. The high-speed, high-capacity networks will carry fast-growing blockchain technology to meet the global-wise commercial standard.

This is a great improvement compared to the current blockchain technology which confirmed a transaction needs around 10 mins. Therefore, the high speed, high capacity network also is the reason why we want to cooperate with QuarkChain.

QuarkChain TPS will over VISA

SoftChain Smart Wallet

The SoftChain Smart Wallet will give users a fast-paced experience. Based on QuarkChain high-capacity peer to peer transactions system.

To use the SoftChain smart wallet, user will be asked to create or import a QuarkChain wallet as the primary account. At the same time, other public chain wallets will be automatically created as sub-accounts attached to the main account of QuarkChain to realize multiple wallets (Union ID) corresponding to the same account.

Work path of SoftChain
Shard structure

Based on the high TPS of QuarkChain,when the transfer occurs in the same shard of QuarkChain, the transaction can be confirmed within a few seconds. Even if the transaction during in different shards, it only needs to spend tens of seconds to be confirmed.

Cluster network structure saves costs

Furthermore, high-capacity, high-speed blockchain technology offers more possibilities. High-speed bandwidth means a leap from the EDGE era to the 4G LTE network era.

The advantage of SoftChain’s high-speed network is that it can complete frequent transactions with very low fuel, making smart contracts more efficient and closer to the existing high-speed Internet experience. For example, the Universal Transfer System can rely on the high-speed blockchain system to execute multiple smart contracts in a short period of time and significantly reduce waiting time.

A stable network structure provides a high-capacity network