Perfectionism is the Mother of Procrastination

How often it happened to me that I did not start an idea or realize a project… just because it did not feel “good enough” or not special and unique enough yet. Instead of taking the first step — every long journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step right?

As adults we tend to rethink, analyze, reconsider, evaluate and trying to eliminate every possible mistake that could happen along the way for many reasons:

- I don’t want to waste my time with something that people might not be interested in or that is not special enough — time is

- I don’t want to make any mistakes

- I don’t want to make a fool of myself coming up with anything that already exists

Even in my job as a product manager I have been taught and reminded regularly that the product has to be ready and almost done before we launch it… but is that really the right way? Isn’t it better to ship a project or product even if it is only 50% ready and let see how the market, the customer and consumer react? Would it give us a more flexible and agile way to optimize and change a product instead of working on it until it is (from our own perspective) perfect and 100% ready — the worst scenario is to find out that it doesn’t fit the market and customers’ need after spending too much time to create a perfect product.

All these perfectionist thoughts and doubts (and maybe even more) hamper us to just stand up, take a step, maybe stumble in the first time, fall and get up and try again. That is what makes life extraordinary and interesting.

How often had I missed a chance to realize a project just because it is not “perfect” enought…instead I left the ideas and thoughts in the corner of my head and forgot about it — I will never know if it could turn out to be more successful or at least change my life. I will never know…

That is why I would encourage everyone to get out and launch your product, project or ideas and see what happen!

You will fail and learn along the way and at least you gave it a try. Who knows — maybe it will be something that will change the world and society. But you will never know if you stuck with the perfectionism attitude. Do you agree?

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