Letter to the boy I love

To the boy I love,

I would like for you to know, 100% that I have not regretted a single moment from sharing the last five years of my life with you. You are a part of who I am today, part of my soul and my first true love. Thank you for being my best friend.

Some of the best first times were with you. I don’t think what happened, happened because we didn’t love enough because we do love each other with the love you see in movies — almost unreal.

We were good, bad and something only we understood.

Maybe we fell in love at the wrong time and place. Maybe we were at the point at our lives where we were still fighting ourselves too much every day to love each other to the fullest without lies and pain. Maybe the bad things were the things that weren’t up to me to fix and only you could.

Or maybe I wasn’t the girl for you now — or later on. But I was the girl who saw your potential and the girl who physically hurt that you to not see you follow through with all you could be.

If we ever speak/see each other again I hope to see you glowing with pride and self love. The world doesn’t owe anyone anything but you owe yourself to be the best you can be because you deserve it.

Love always,


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