Lightning Image Slider on AppExchange!

Let us consider a Real Estate firm that wants to showcase its properties in a locality. How do you do this in Salesforce? You create an inline Visualforce page under the Salesforce object or use the Bootstrap carousel widget to slide-show the images. Would you like to simplify this process? With no piece of code, our Lightning Image Slider would help you display a slide-show in Lightning experience.

Softsquare proudly presents the launch of our second Lightning product, Lightning Image Slider! The Lightning specialists at Softsquare have built this Lightning component that would allow you to view all image attachments underneath any Salesforce object. You can leverage our component from a Salesforce Lightning detail page, include it in another Lightning component, and add it to a Visualforce page.

 * Read images from attachments as well as Salesforce Files
 * Auto-play (slide show) option
 * Adjustable Auto-play option
 * Adjustable slider height

How do you use Lightning Image Slider in Lightning App Builder:
Navigate to Lightning Experience
2.Go to any record detail page where you want your image slider
3.Click Edit Page

4. Lightning Image Slider will be listed on the left side under the Custom section

5. Drag and Drop the Lightning Image Slider to any of the grid

6. Configurations on the Lightning Image Slider can be done on the right side

7. Click Save

8. Now go to the detail page to see the Lightning Image Slider.

There you go! Start showcasing your images under any Salesforce object with Lightning Image Slider. Would you like to have a WebEx session to better explain and help configure our app to meet your needs? We have extensive experience in deep customizing using Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning. Feel free to reach out to us at or contact us directly.

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