#AtlassianSummit : A twitter chronicle.

Atlassian’s European Summit 2017 has just come to an end and although the SoftwareDevTools.com is staying in Barcelona for#AtlasCamp, we want to share a bit of what we lived, and instead of working on a long boring piece, we decided to do a twitter timeline from the event.


There was certainly a ot of expectation and hype building around the event:

Lots of first timers
Experienced people was also around.

Some people were expecting other than just the talks:

There was even a fútbol tournament before the event amongst companies!

The venue was beautiful and ready to receive us.

Beers were flowing. The eazyBI team Latvia was sure to send some Latvian produce:

Barcelona was great, people had time to get around and took the streets:

The event was great all the way, from the openning, including some great announcements that were made:

These robots got some moves

There was always a good vibe. Barcelona set a scenario that was just was incredible; Spirits were high and DJ Kanban put everybody to dance again:

It was great to have a chance to meet with the Atlassian team and share also with our friends from Atlassian Usergroups:

Of course, nerdy references were at hand:

More like Product Manageek & Head of Engeekneering
Our dear friend Lo geeking out with her gift!

There you have it people. We just wanted you to have a look at what the #AtlassianSummit was like. We learned a lot and will be sharing in future blog post a bit of the talks.

Thanks a lot Atlassian, and everybody who was there. Hope to see you again soon. Now is off to the #AtlasCamp:

Happy planning!