Quick and Easy Recipes of Pasta

Pasta is the common word and according to the survey held in U.S.; it is consider as the most favorite staple food all the time. Its demand is on the peak and its business on portfolio never touches the 4th quadrant. People love to eat and the best part of this food is it has already used along with other fast food items and staple products just to add flavor and make it yummiest for the pasta lovers. It is equally popular among the children, youngsters and even among the old fellows. The variety of recipes, dishes and countless use in number of dishes not even in a single place in fact, it is equally popular around the clock and has become the foremost choice of every one.

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Pasta is commonly made of wheat flour, other cereals and grains also used in the formation of this staple food but, the most common term is to make this type of noodle is from durum flour in which essential ingredient or one can say the basic ingredient is the wheat. Sometimes, it thoroughly mixes with water or eggs can use instead. The interesting thing about the pasta is that it can serve in the dinner, in the lunch, in the tea time or late night whether in any form and along with the quick recipes. It really sound delicious, full energetic meal and must be a part of each Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Canadian, Asian and fast food around the world.

First of all the quick recipes that are equally beloved by many nations are pasta with chicken. The variation in the food with the same stuff but, with different methods and techniques add flavors to life. First of all stir the pasta along with macaronis and add some small pieces of chicken which are prepared along with all the spices and named as the chicken tikka bar b.q. All the ingredients must be set in a bowl in the form of layers and put it into the oven for baking from 10 to 15 minutes. The yummiest and simplest form of pasta is ready to serve that is quick and easy to cook and healthy and delicious to eat.

Another pasta dishes are made with the same format but add some green chilies or red chilies according to the taste. Some people use the mayonnaise or chicken spread to make it more delicious with a little change of capsicum added in it.

Some people like vegetarian pasta’s. They are willing to add carrots, capsicum and the small of potatoes with peas. Cabbage is also used in this combination. Spaghetti and macaronis both can be used with the black pepper and salt to taste. If the vegetables are boiled before adding into pasta then the baking time is 10 to 15 minutes in the pre heated oven. This recipe is famous for the vegetarians and they often used boiled corns in it to make it more delicious.

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