Are we prisoners to our own addictions?

“Come to me, come to me” said the television’ I looked at the beautiful bright colored screen and sadly answered “No, for you are too beautiful; and I will helplessly get lost in you’’….

Too much television…?

Too much social media…?

Too much of doing too much, or doing too little…?

Three years ago I made a conscious decision not to watch television or as some people call it, ‘the idiot box’. I did not advertise that important fact, as my ‘so-called’ profession is in the media business and this involves some television along with other media. My friends, colleagues and actors kept on asking me ‘did you see the news last night on television’? ‘Did you watch my drama’? ‘Did you watch your own drama on the box’? I of course smiled and said, ‘yes I will watch it on Youtube without the adverts. This came as a bit of a surprise to most who know me, and those morbid questions continued till the time that they got tired of getting the same answer. Lucky for me.

My point here being that there are many types of addictions, which may begin as ‘instant gratification’ and then gradually lead into some type of habit or addiction if we are not careful. Moving from Television onto youtube can also be seen as an addiction, as it is also a form of instant gratification, you click for your favorite drama, and it instantly appears, then you click for a specific news item then a documentary; and before you know even get to know it, you are addicted to it, and then this is what you want to do most of the time. Getting into a bad mood if the WiFi or data internet is not working properly at that time while thinking to yourself, ‘how dare the WiFi/internet is not working? I will have to lodge a serious complaint, I don’t care if the lines are down, it should be restored immediately by magic so that I can continue watching my documentary on conspiracy theories from across the world’!

I am not trying to state that instant gratification, watching television or browsing the internet are unhealthy lifestyles, absolutely not, but the fact that it is becoming a day and night ritual constantly, may lead into an unhealthy lifestyle because of its sheer consistency.

One of the many way to battle the unhealthy with the ‘healthy media watching attitude’ is to set timings throughout your day so that there are involved in other activities and tasks that you are able to complete. Spending time with the family is important as is going to the gym or going for that walk. Completing your daily tasks and balancing it with a social life is easily said, but the different activities throughout the day may help in living a more healthier lifestyle.

Life is to be lived and fully enjoyed, we sometimes forget this, and we get stuck in certain situations which need our attention fully, but when that situation has passed and reached its inevitable conclusion, we must not wallow in it for too long a time, we must move on, or else; we may make ourselves a prisoner of it.

I do understand that in a certain way, we may all be prisoners to our own desires, but we should avoid getting addicted to them and remind ourselves daily; to live a healthier life in having a balanced lifestyle.

Blessings to you

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