Gunfire celebrations (Hawai firing in Karachi)

Reasons to be cheerful?

So I gave my car to the mechanic to get the engine problem fixed, he told me that I had to leave it overnight to be collected the next day in the evening. “100 percent” he said as he blissfully smiled, hoping that I would be impressed by his percentage mathematics, (which indeed I was) he then took my keys as I took the taxi to my meeting, while already being content with the warmth the 100% thought.

The next morning I get a sheepish phone call from the 100% mechanic who informs me that my cars rear windscreen has been smashed to bits and is no more. Shocked at this sad information I inquire as to what happened and I get the this most bizarre and amazing answer.

The mechanic informed me that on the previous night, there was a wedding taking place nearby his premises , it was indeed a happy and exciting occasion, so exciting that some of the guests started firing gunshots in the air to express their happiness. What goes up, has to come down, therefore unfortunately one of the bullets came down and found its home in my rear windscreen while smashing the glass to bits. I then expressed ‘my’ excitement to him in not so many lovely words regarding the situation, he shyly replied telling me he was on his way to the market to buy a replacement rear windscreen and that the car would still be fixed on time.

I find it rather difficult to understand that people who fire bullets into the air for certain celebrations; do not fathom that these bullets are going to come back down to earth again and hurt someone, in my case my feelings and damage to my car, it could be worse as the bullet could injure someone on it way down as it is descending back to the earth with great speed. Where would these ‘happy and excited’ gun-firing people think these bullets go? Would these bullets somehow reach the moon? Would these bullets float around the the earths orbit where there is no gravity? Would the bullets just disappear as if by magic? Would the UFO’s pick them up, take them to their planet and report that “yes, we have now found intelligent life on earth.” I am beginning to stay up at nights having to wonder about these amazingly surreal thoughts.

I’ve founds the bullets………

On a serious point, Ariel firing, celebration gunfire or hawai firing as it is called in Pakistan is extremely dangerous as it can and does cause injury and damage. It should be stopped. There are many ways to celebrate a happy occasion, and gun-firing in the air is not one of them. According to some media reports way back, that aerial firing claimed three lives and left over 50 others injured during 2012 New Year celebrations in Karachi. The stray bullet victims do not lodge FIRs (First Information Report)as it is deemed a somewhat futile exercise. Arial firing claims many precious lives, and causes damage, the time has come to do something about it. I request/urge the citizens, authorities, think-tanks and government to take this situation in hand and to ‘OWN’ it, so that we do not lose lives or damage property due to the fact of someones wedding or other celebration.

Blessings to you

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