Twiggy is nice (London diaries)

……even Andy…..

The delicious smell of plasticine, uniquely crafted matchbox cars, steely meccano & plastic Lego construction toy sets, scale electrics racing cars, Thunderbird's TV series, Fairy liquid adverts ({sing along} hands that do dishes can be soft as your face, with mild green Fairy liquid) packets of comforting maltesers and the lovely model Twiggy. {Sing again}‘These are a few of my favorite things.’ When I take my mind back to that sixties era which I often do, a simple comforting thought comes to my mind in the form of a word, and that word is ‘nice’. At the time I did not know that the other thought would be the word ‘innocence’, but in our present melancholic era I understand that the ‘Twiggy era in the swinging sixties’ may be defined as ‘nice innocence’, a world which lives in a bubble of its own.

The beautiful girl next door

As she has just turned a pretty 66 years old, I wonder what was it about Twiggy in the 1960’s, that got us going ‘wow’, was it the name, the exaggerated eye make-up, the haircut, the skeletal body, simplicity, the boyish looks, the innocence, the beauty, the girl next door? All the above I guess, Twiggy must be and is all of them rolled into one.

When luck works, the universe explodes. (in a ‘nice’ way) A hairstylist named Leonard cut Twiggy’s hair. He then hung her picture in his salon in Mayfair. Twiggy went back to school and a fashion journalist from a daily newspaper came in, saw the photograph, and said, “Who’s the girl? I want to meet her.” They then took some more photos of her and wrote a piece. About three weeks later, it was a whole double-page spread! The headline was “Twiggy: The Face of ’66,” and that’s the day her life changed. By 1967, she had modelled in France, Japan, and the US, and had landed on the covers of Vogue,and The Tatler. Her fame had spread worldwide. I was 5 years young at that time and this had all happened while I had gracefully mastered some sort of stability on the tricycle.

International icon

Twiggy’s acting career started in 1971, then in 1976 her singing career took off, she was successfully able to reinvent herself which is a difficult job for most in the media field. Near that time I had somehow managed to make it to the sensitive age of 15, when Twiggy popped up on Capital radio London singing a song that I remember till now, the year was 1977 and the song was ‘Please get my name right’ she was 28 at that time, and I seemed to be awestruck by the words of the song and till this day I will not make fun of it. All in all, like the Queen, Twiggy never left us, she was always there, and still is.

cheer up dear……

There is a question in the song that Twiggy asks which I would like to answer after all these years, her question is 'have you forgotten that I’m the one who changed your life completely?’ My answer is that I have not forgotten, nor will I ever forget, so please cheer up now.

Twiggy will never know of me, nor will she know that from a distance I have admired not only how she has inspired me, but of how she has also inspired a whole nation. I think that it is a blessing to be thought of being ‘nice’, even in this day and age. So a very happy birthday to you Twiggy, may you continue to have a blissful life as a pretty grand-mom , thank you for being you. I have enjoyed your presence in my life’s journey.

Blessings to you

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