We tried to talk it over, but the words got in the way.


Classic line from the sad yet romantic 1976 love song ‘ This Masquerade” written by Leon Russell and beautifully sung by the great soul/ jazz guitarist & singer George Benson. {link below}

Have the words that we meant to say to someone have a different tone or feeling to what we actually wanted to say? Did someone say something to us that changed the course of our friendship, maybe to never wanting to see them again? The misunderstandings go on and on.

When analyzing the above after some time, one may get realize that it was the choice of ‘words’ that we used rather than the point we were trying to put across at that specific time. Therefore it is very important to choose our words wisely before we utter them.

As most of us are humans, this problem of free speech may tend to happen quite often, but if one is aware at that time that the choice of words may not the right ones, then one can immediately try to rectify the situation by first apologizing in a manner to say that their choice of words were not meant to hurt, but what they are trying to put across is a somewhat different point of view. Being careful with our words is a form of art, which we can attain in time if we are willing to learn from our previous worldly experiences.

In the amazing game of life, we can sometimes get easily irritated by the reactions of others. However, each time someone provokes us, we have a chance to do something different, to tend to our own reactions. Either we can strengthen old habits or we can take a moment to pause. And maybe that’s what it takes, a big fat pause.

Patience is the antidote to anger and misunderstandings. Learning to pause may help us develop our patience. When we begin to pause instead of retaliating, even if it’s only briefly, we are starting to loosen the pattern of causing harm.

When you know that under certain situations, there may be a possibility for you or the other person to respond negatively, then just stop. There is no need to respond instantly. You can easily delay the response if there is no urgency. It may also be helpful to formulate a kind and compassionate response so as to ensure not to hurt the other persons feelings.

On a personal point of view, a nice word to remember in the English language is the word ‘respect’. It has a good ring to it as it it a no-nonsense word. It is what it is, and I also feel that this word may not let you down. If one can have respect for the others persons, space, feelings, thoughts, way of life etc, then one may find themselves in a better place.

still fresh and relevant today

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