To My “College-hood”

While covering 1717.23 kilometers of distance from Vellore, Tamil Nadu to Howrah, West Bengal, I decided to jot down every memory coming across my thoughts associated with my graduation life. I ended up writing a poem which is merely a cluster of few verses compared to the several pages of memories than can be inked if I ever decide to write a novel on the same…

This untitled poem is a humble attempt of wishing college life a teary eyed goodbye and hello to upcoming challenges, adventures and friendships.

P.S. To all readers, parts of this poem are fabricated. It is up to you to fish out the reality out of the non-existent!!! :P

29 Aug, 2016

“With heads held high, releasing a deep sigh

we march past through our beloved campus that stands erect with great pride;

24 happening months that went by like hours of a day,

have given a glance of living life the best way;

Each records a first of many occurrences,

of friendship, fights, fun, and love with unexpected freshness;

Classes bunked and exams flunked,

these years have introduced me to numerous spirits drunk;

Today we carry a degree with our names forever printed,

and bear countless memories on our mind-diary imprinted;

The shine of summer still brings me to a standstill,

looking back to the endless talks and long walks,

to the boundless happiness and tears shed against will;

The following monsoon, reminds me of the showers of joy

which flowed from clouds of boredom and untapped anticipation,

groomed during the months of vacation;

Winter with its wonderful warmth,

set forth the month of fests, food and exam fever,

heralding results for all us grievers;

Spring with its bout of heat,

never stopped us to plan a sudden meet;

Tapping to the rhythm of togetherness,

we never realized when the end drew its closeness;

Soon the 730 days of college life,

knocked the doors of doubt rife,

of where, when and how to begin the ceaseless race of reality,

succumbing to hierarchies, competitions, egos and work polity;

Today, after a brief rewind of time while accepting my degree,

I resolve to pen down the surge of emotions raging within;

Few thoughts find words, few still remain stored away in letters accounting friendship archived, love revived and adventures enjoyed;

Then there remain those words which shall remain unwritten yet remembered,

before these find their way out in pages forever censored….”

To a fantastic batch 14MSB’s and friends from Bong Connection

To a “foody, ever ready for fun with seasonings of clashes, series loving and making each birthday a special one” gang

To room-mates who have become an extended family

To us “Three Idiots” who are miles apart yet connected by unforgettable events…

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