Last night in Sitges, while sitting at restaurant Guru after eating gazpacho and paella and drinking from a seemingly never-ending goblet sangria, I saw an older couple — one man probably in his late 60s and the other mid-70s — walking down the main drag on the beach at 10:30pm, arm in arm.

They were dressed to the nines, with perfectly tailored blue and tan suits and sparkling cuff links. Perfect for the cool night, complete with the soft sounds of a receding tide. I stirred my coffee and smiled at them, and the older one made an eye-roll gesture toward his partner while the latter just smiled as if to say, “Oh, you…” He squeezed his dude’s arm trapped in his, and they kept walking by — the cheers from a nearby sports bar indicated that the team everyone wanted to win was doing so.

Despite having no particular favorite in the futbol game, I found myself cheering for my team, too.

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