Sales + Use Tax Pennsylvania

Well i’m late. Due date July 20th. No use tax owed. Gotta call and file anyways.

FYI prospective Pennsylvania business owners

Telefile is 1 800 748 8299


Quarterly Estimated Tax

Don’t even have the gardenWorks restockBook all done for the first quarter. That’s not even all the other books like cost and sales. They all have to be done to calculate the taxes.

i can understand why some people keep all their receipts and take it to someone to do it all. It’s called hatin’ the money, hatin’ it.

i can only hope i have it correct that’s all that i can do.

Sales + Use Tax Pennsylvania

Thank God i got it filed. Sometimes i’m only guessing as to how to enter these things. Scrap metal, is other income on the 1040 and nontaxable sales is how i entered it.

i got into scrapping because that is what God Gave to me and my son to do when john quit sending child support. It’s called recoveryWorks in my business.

Quarterly Estimated Tax

Threw away my key. i write up stock keys for the restockBook so i don’t have to write a full description of the category in the stock number each time.

All my books are handwritten. It’s almost better i think at this time not to over tax myself trying to find the perfect software program. My son, Glory to God, programs software. Maybe he could write me one. We could sell it. He lost his job. Jesus

opens doors that no man can shut and shuts doors that no man can open

so here’s hoping this is an open door to a new wide place.


It could be used as a cash register too and keep track of sales + use tax having each category to enter as well as keeping books for every Work in my business. It would have to have each Work with its Books for cost, restock, redock, moth + rust, sorry, sales + use tax, mebread, which is a drawing book and can’t remember if their is any other besides beeswax in the buildBook but you get the idea.

All these categories have to be kept in order to calculate cost of goods for quarterly and annual taxes.

Getting a small printer for receipts connected would be simple enough. Hooking it up to credit card use is where the evil comes in. Oh the government brings evil into it but

render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s


Gotta locate all my jute twine to see what stock is left of it. That’s for second quarter and i’m late on that too.

beeWorks ate up a lot of my time. Militant fanatics. i don’t trust the little buggers. Plus my garden was flooded, All Glory to God.

God is Love

And sunburns, poison ivy, spider bite maybe and six to eight bee stings with five bees under the veil. Mosquitoes.

Thank God i was blessed with finding half free morels. Missed raspberry season and apples are coming out on the tree but my roadside business signs are stuck on top of the bee castles from my last run in with them. Fanatics. They’re my sister’s hobby bees. Twice i’d confess it was my fault. i have one sign left.

Anyways gotta get my taxes done.

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