Introducing RaceFi: Upcoming IDO on SolRazr

Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular due to the advance in blockchain gaming. Players prefer to control and interact with their in-game assets and leverage them to monetize their gaming experience. With the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, play-to-earn models are now accessible to players worldwide. The possibilities with a metaverse are limitless: socialize, explore, play games and earn money!

That is why we are thrilled to launch RACEFI on SolRazr. RaceFi will be a complete race-to-earn ecosystem where you can participate in races or own parts of the game and make a profit. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiably owned NF’s. When entering a race, players are presented with the Race Conditions. With this in mind, players select from several options that form their Race Strategy to compete in the race. The race then runs automatically based on the AI algorithm. Results of the race are determined primarily by how well each racer’s Race Strategy played out, and secondarily by a weighted random algorithm. Cars with higher XP and upgrades have an advantage in the race. RaceFi is backed by Exnetwork Capital, Polrare, Shima Capital, x21 Digital, VBC Ventures, and SolRazr.

That is why we at SolRazr are thrilled to launch RaceFi. Go check it out on NOW!

Overview of RaceFi

RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on the Solana ecosystem. Within RaceFi’s metaverse, players can earn while enjoying various game modes to satisfy the thirst for speed or make a profit by owning in-game property. The two main game features are Pure Race and Battle Race. Pure Race includes two game modes: PvP and PvE. In PvE mode the players will directly drive and control the car, whereas in PvP mode the players will customize their strategic statistics and then the AI system will analyze the result of the race. In terms of Battle Race, the players must upgrade their cars with battle features such as guns and shields. There will be no time limit or no finish line, the players will continue to race and attack each other until there is only one survivor left, and that car will become the winner of the battle race.

Key Highlights of RaceFi

  • First car racing game on Solana

Ownable parts of the game include:

  • Racetrack Land & Track List: Each racetrack is divided into 100–150 land plots. The earnings for the racetrack are divided evenly among the land plot owners on a track-by-track basis.

“I have always desired a DAO platform to empower gamers and accolade them based on their value-added to game economy. From idea to product development, the RaceFi team has come a long way in designing a metaverse with limitless earning opportunities that can accommodate various types of users. Many features are updating, yet one thing is permanent: users’ benefit is our raison d’être. Embrace yourself and choose who you want to be in RaceFi metaverse! We’re going on an extraordinary ride.” — John Lee, CEO of RaceFi.

“RaceFi has great potential as this project holds first-mover advantage: the first car racing game on Solana platform. Expect the unexpected with this team, they have the capacity to revolutionize the NFT racing industry with unique AI/ML applications and many other exciting features such as betting and advertising. Eagerly to witness RaceFi’s prosperity in the future and I’m glad to accompany them from the beginning.” Eric Su, CEO of ExNetwork Capital — Advisor of RaceFi.

Only 200.000.000 $RACEFI Tokens Will be Minted

The RaceFi token is intended to be a utility governance token, the currency inside the Racers game and is designed to flow in and out of the game and the community.

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