Recap of SolRazr’s Update Session With Arenum

SolRazr hosted an Update Session with Eduard Gurinovich and Alexander Pasechnik, the Co-Founders of Arenum, on 7th April 2022. Here is the complete Recap.

AMA Guest from Arenum
Alexander Pasechnik | Arenum (@pasechnik_a_a)
Eduard G (@eduardo239)

SolRazr Host

Gopal K (@gopalkishore)

SolRazr Host : Hello Solrazrs! The update session with Eduard Gurinovich and Alexander Pasechnik, the Co-Founders of Arenum will start in approximately five minutes! We will not take any questions from the community for this update session. However, you CAN participate in the quiz post the session and stand a chance to win 500 USDC! As usual, we will give the SolRazr community on Telegram a head start to win the prizes! Let’s get this update session with Arenum started!

Alexander Pasechnik: Hello, all! It is a pleasure for me to be here again🤝

SolRazr Host: The Arenum listing is getting closer every day! 🔥 Welcome back to the SolRazr Community, Alex. We are very excited to have you here once again.

Alexander Pasechnik: That's why I’m here

SolRazr Host: Can you please share with our community what are the biggest updates since your IDO on SolRazr?

Alexander Pasechnik: Sure, let me highlight the main points. As for the product — we have a beta version for casual games tournaments and eSports tournaments, we already have product metrics and are working on retention growth. We’ve managed to grow day1 and day3 retention by 30%. Besides, we’ve added some new functionality allowing anyone to create a tournament for their community. We are doing lots of marketing tests, working with crypto communities and paid traffic, and reducing customer acquisition costs. As far as our product can bring the mass adoption of crypto — we pay lots of attention to marketing and product metrics. Also, we’ve done 3 more IDOs and collected around ~12k addresses which is pretty good. And of course, we’ve signed the contract for the listing with one of the top 7 CMC exchanges and will do it soon).

SolRazr Host: Can you provide details of Arenum’s listing and why is it taking such a long time?

Alexander Pasechnik: We wanted to list at the end of Jan but the market went down and we listened to our advisers (Kucoin Labs, Newtribe capital, Kernel ventures ) and postponed the listing till the market recovery. Also, it took a lot of time to negotiate an exchange for good terms, because if we’d just come and said «yes», it could have been much faster. But we’ve done a lot of effort for negotiating good conditions that will not harm the project and investors😏

At the moment we are preparing to list and doing lots of marketing activities with KOLs, launchpads, and investors’ communities. So far as we have an NDA with the exchange we can’t announce the date yet. But I can tell that this is one of the top 7 CMC exchanges and the listing is planned for the first part of April (really soon). We have a goal to give good X to our community and launch a series of tournaments for Launchpad and KOL communities. We show that we have a working product ready for the crypto update, not just a beautiful deck and landing page. We assume that this fact will help us to bring a lot of buying pressure. Besides, we have a marketing plan with an exchange, so I believe it will be a good one🚀

SolRazr Host: We are very excited about the listing. Hope to go to the moon! 🚀🚀🚀

SolRazr Host: You have onboarded several new investors and Partners. Can you share the value add they bring?

Alexander Pasechnik: We are onboarding only value-adding investors, cause from the early beginning we were seeking the smart money investors make intros to exchanges, to other investors, help with KOLs, etc

Besides, they are sharing contacts for partnerships with games, guilds, and some specialists if needed.

The full list of our investors is:

- Kucoin Labs

- Newtribe Capital

- Kernel Ventures

- Darren Camas

- CryptoDiffer

- Good Games Guild

- Phoenix

- Dreamboat


- Dutch Crypto Investors

- Vendetta capital

- Occam

- Komminitas

- Tokenova (Trustpad founders)

- BCA investment

- DCI capital

- Avstar capital

- SolRazr

- Infinite Launch

- 7 o’clock capital

- Baselayer capital (Altcoin Buzz)

- Phenomenon Capital

- CatcherVC


- GotBit

- OIBC Capital

- MH Capital

- AHA Capital

- viaBTC

SolRazr Host: You have an ambitious roadmap. Can you share the highlights and what you are most excited about?

Alexander Pasechnik: about all😂😂😂 I guess the most exciting is the working fiat beta ver. with 50k installs already. You can take a look at the full roadmap on our website I consider the most important steps to be:

- launching Season Leagues for casual games-

- NFT metagame

- Tools for developers that will help easily rebuild games from web2.0 to web3.0

SolRazr Host: Can you remind the SolRazr community about the market opportunity in this space?

Alexander Pasechnik: We aim to bring mass adoption through casual and hyper-casual gaming. Easy way to GameFI)) When I say “easy”, it should be really easy, like any web 2.0 game. We build the way to GameFi for everyone: with low barriers of investment — free2play2earn and easy to start games.

Also, we plan to do a Season 1 league with an exchange we’ll get listed on. So the demand for the token will be high. Besides, in the long run, platforms thrive. Arenum is a platform giving the initial infrastructure needed for game developers and gamers. Arenum is above the hit-driven game industry — using successful games as fuel to power the platform’s growth and income, we play by the rules we’ve created.

Higher retention and opportunity to use the cross-game exposure makes the marketing cheaper and ensures the platform from ‘flash in the pan’ or one-hit-wonder consequences. Arenum sits at a level above games and remains stable by focusing on using trends to grow as a platform.

SolRazr Host: You have a proven track record. Can you share how the journey has been so far?

Alexander Pasechnik: We have been working together for the last 5 years and built our own:

- blockchain-based on the tendermint

- on-demand high-load video services

- mobile video streaming services

- AI-video analytics system

- Arenum Tournament platform (since 2018)

Eduard is ranked 30 under 30 by Forbes, has attracted over $90M to his companies, I have entrepreneurial experience in bootstrapping various IT products and attracted $9M of venture capital to my companies, and Alexander has spent 17 years in game development. We have worked out tea of 37 workers: developers, project managers, and game designers on board, which helps us to deliver products of any difficulty😎

SolRazr Host : Fantastic! Moving on to our last question for this update session

SolRazr Host: Please remind our community about Arenum’s Token utility value & Tokenomics

Alexander Pasechnik: We are restricting tokenomics at the moment, reducing $937k IMC to ~ $600k IMC. So investors will have more chances to have a good X) As for the token utility:

1) We will add farming for liquidity providing (liquidity mining for token holders)

2) For game developers it is necessary to stake our tokens to use SDK

3) For KOLs and streamers, who want to launch their own tournament for any games on our platform is also needed to stake tokens, but they will earn commission from that tournament and they will promote it on their social networks.

4) We will organize huge numbers of promo tournaments for gamers, free to enter, but the sum of prizes will depend on the size of the winner’s stake. So, we expect that a minimum of 10% of our 2M user base will become our token holders and will stake it! Currently, we are doing the test tournament with USDT prizes for the SolRazr community. So if you want to take a closer look at our products — you are welcome. It is a very easy game to play. Also, everyone who does at least 1 try — will get a chance for the random prize).

I’ll share the post below👇

SolRazr Host: That’s amazing. Thank you @pasechnik_a_a for being with us here today! Good luck with your listing!

Alexander Pasechnik : Thank you, SolRazr team! You are an amazing launchpad and you have an amazing community) Hope to see you on listing soon🔥🔥🔥

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