Fresh Off Its Flunked Recall, Samsung Changes Its Repair Policy

Sol Rieger
Nov 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Samsung, one of the largest mobile device companies is still reeling off its flunked recall program after reports of explosions occurring with their Galaxy Note 7 devices. The company has lost an estimated $5.3 BILLION on the recall. And with Samsung now facing sinking profits one would think that the company would try to put on a happy face when assisting customers with their Samsung devices, but mind you me, the reality is completely the opposite of what one might think.

You see, I’m not one to post negative articles against companies, heck this is my first Medium post, but this issue has gotten so cynical that I just couldn’t hold myself from sharing this information with those willing to listen.

Just a few weeks ago (September 7 to be exact) I bought my shiny new Galaxy S7 Edge. It was my first time buying a Samsung Galaxy device for myself. Friends advised me to try it out after being a years-long Apple addict, so I adhered to their advice and got myself a new shiny gold S7 Edge.

After using it for a few weeks, I found their advice to be pretty accurate, I haven’t witnessed any issues with the phone, although I’m still reluctant to give up my iPhone, I was definitely considering sticking with Samsung as my official device provider as my daily driver.

But then it all just came ‘shattering’ down.

A short while ago, the shiny gold Galaxy fell to the floor and it’s screen cracked to thousands of pieces, the screen is still working but because of the shattered screen the phone is not usable for my daily routine.

As is usually the case, the first contact in trying to get the phone fixed is the device manufacturer — in this case Samsung. But little did I know what this company had in store for me.

You see, they recently had a serious recall, which they call a “current business condition” and therefor they are “temporarily suspending all out-of-warranty repairs.”

Can someone explain this short response to me? I never asked Samsung to repair it for free, never asked them to exchange it because of a warranty, all I asked is that they — the manufacturers of the phone — should fix it, even for a fee.

As an apple customer for the past 5 years, I’ve had some phone-screens crack in the past, you go to nearest Apple Store (or file a claim online and send in your phone), and most of the time they’ll either fix the broken device (or when it is not fixable they’ll completely replace it) for a minimal fee ($129).

But for some odd reason Samsung doesn’t think that they should offer the service of repairing their own devices, but no worries, if I do go fix it by some local shop the phone will lose its warranty, because it needs to be fixed by… whom exactly? Samsung won’t fix it for me, so I guess best option is to fix it by some local shop, and then lose the warranty.

Sorry to say, but I find this very cynical, and if this story would’ve happened by anyone else, I would’ve never believed it. This is beyond comprehensible- that in 2016 a company (especially one as big as Samsung) should be running from their devices faster than a cheetah runs after its prey.

Hey Samsung, you’ve lost a new customer, and I’m pretty sure after reading this there’ll be plenty more. Running from your own devices is never a good thing, but running from your devices at times when your integrity is already at stake is an even more foolish decision than I can comprehend.

Good luck selling your new devices in the future, you’ll definitely need it.

My Shattered Galaxy S7 Edge

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