The SolRockets Project — NFT Entrepreneurship on the Solana Network

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The SolRockets team would like to give you a warm welcome. We are pleasantly proud to have you here reading our whitepaper. Our intention in writing this document is to; first, clarify the intentions and ways of the team to meet the stated goals; second, divide the tasks and milestones chronologically (surely one will be done before another, there are no exact dates…); and third, but not least, highlight the commitment of each of the members with: the project, the community, and all future projects that are born thanks to SolRockets. We can assure you that every day we will give our best so that this project grows in the right way.

At this moment the team is composed by:

  • @Metabelvis_ku→ web developer
  • @Bigdonahiu → design engineer
  • @ifacethewind → project founder
  • @thefuture_Arkad → project founder

As you can read, we are “4 cats”(Spanish expression that refers to a very small number of people) and we are very proud to be the first five people to visualize the project and make it a reality in our thoughts.

- How long will it take for 7777 people to view it…? — Logically we don’t know, but so far, we are proud of the hours you work and the effort that each one puts into it every day.

- What if we make sold out in 6 months? Or in 1 month? Or in 1 day? — Well, we all have the same answer. The money will only determine how quickly the various projects will be created and developed.

Everything we are is the result of our thoughts

OUR VISION (why don’t we create our own community?)

We spent weeks asking ourselves very simple things like; the theme, what drawing to do, if; realistic, animated, or unique, if; in 2D or 3D… what would be the perfect name? And the most difficult of all, to customize the drawing, give it the shape of an avatar… or not? Anyway… everything has its difficulties no matter how small it may seem.

It’s been 5 months since we started to bring our ideas to life. I innocently remember three days and three nights of non-stop (work, eat, sleep and repeat). It was at the beginning of September, on the fourth we woke up having the best collection, we defined the name, the theme, the supply of NFTs, how we thought the design was going to be, we did the math and… that’s it!

That’s why we’re writing this 5 months later, because we realized what a project really was, the responsibility that it entails and the true commitment with the community and ecosystem it requires. We have been lied to and therefore scammed many times; SUPER tokens presales, companies that ensure extraordinary returns, infallible strategies of traders and, obviously, NFTs were not going to be less. The fact is that we are SICK of this type of projects or persons. During this time, we have been creating our project from our own ideas, opinions and suggestions from our environment and a large part with the successes and errors of other projects.

The team is committed to 2 things, logical and vital for us, that unfortunately not everyone share:

Always respect and value the community. The basis of the project is: the digital community that emerged from Discord and the physical community that emerged from the cultural space.

  • The digital community will be self-managed by DoubleDAO (1 SolRockets = 1 vote). They will have decision-making power over the community wallet, which will be supported by 66,67% of the Royalties and a contribution of 77 SOL upon completion of the entire sale. At first, they will create the structure with their respective positions of responsibility while our digital space is developed. . Once created, they will be the protagonists since: they will be able to exhibit their works or buy them, organization of community and non-community events, digital and physical events, provide advice and ideas to the different subprojects…
  • The physical community: is born from the cultural space created in Buenos Aires. The goal is to create a place where anyone can truthfully find out about the Blockchain world and its derivatives such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs, and how they can implement this technology in their lives. We will also have digital transformation workshops, where you can digitize your works or even create them right there. We hope to have quality material so that people who cannot afford it also have the opportunity.
  • Clarity and sincerity always: From the beginning we seek collective enrichment. The entire project is structured in such a way that if the community is not involved, SolRockets cannot be what we want. We know about the oscillations of the market and the “Floor Price” will not influence us and we hope that our educated community will not either. The only real indicator is the work of the team and the community, which will cause constant growth with the mentality of lasting over time.

To complete the presentation, we have come up with a peculiar way for you to get to know us a little better. We will tell you which collections we are or would like to be a part of, either because of: the work they do, the created and committed community they have and their long-term vision (we don’t have hours of the day to know all of them or space to name them…):

The collections and projects that we have the privilege of being part of are:

Cat Cartel & Zion Ecosystem, Rude Golems, Solana Money Boys, The Fracture, Desolates, Cyber Frogs, Enviro Gallery, Pesky Penguin…

We remember with great esteem the SolGods mint day, it would be the second month that we had been working on this project. I remember that @ifacethewind was attracted by the promotional video (they were the first to show the process) and just that night he wanted to show it to me. At that very moment we realized that the mint was up (nobody knew the date) and after asking me 50 times to buy, I created the Phantom Wallet for the first time, sent me SOL and minted 4 (two of them are still our pfp). I wish I could transfer the illusion that they transmitted to us, from that moment we were clear about what we wanted.

The collections and projects we would like to be part of (and we watch closely):

Thugbirdz, Solana Monkey Business, Boryoku Dragonz, DeGods, Taiyo Robotics, Stoned Ape Crew, Degenerate Ape Academy, Catalina Whale Mixer…

Do you remember that day when the BAYC created 3 serums to mutate their monkeys? This caused quite a stir as there was no previous news. For each monkey, they received a serum and by using it, they got 1 mutant ape. This work ethic of not overpromising but overdelivering inspires us and we believe that it’s the right way to achieve the success of the project.

And so that you can verify that everything we tell you is true, whether by veterans or by the curious, we confess some “failed” collections that we are part of, such as: KrazyKoalas and EternalBeings. (The stories continue to be heard on the socials…)

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace”

THE PROJECT VISION (what will SolRockets be?)

Like any goal that you set for yourself in life, satisfaction is the last thing to be achieved, and to achieve it we need to go step by step along the path that we have set for ourselves. In this journey you’ll not be able to run or stop, in both cases, you would end up failing.

Every project needs financing, in this case, we will obtain it from the sale of the 7777 that make up the SolRockets collection. From the beginning we were clear that we did not want to create an avatar. We wanted our NFTs to have the role of “key”, and what is more exclusive than a rocket that gives you the key to space?

So it ended up being freestyle 2D art by @jorgednt (amazing imagination of our designer, we just hope you like only a quarter of what we love).

Every good work of art has a story behind it and SolRockets is not going to be less. The team contains a base story about the Rocketverse to be later continued by the community.

Yes, I know, you’ve been reading about an incredible project and its super cool team for 5 minutes and you still have no idea what it is, but don’t worry, good things take time. In order to visualize the project, you need to understand SolRockets’ mission, which is to merge the earthly with the digital. Simple but not easy at all.

- And how do we intend to achieve this? — In 3 minutes I’ll show you the steps we’ll follow to achieve it, but first, we would like to give priority to our social project.

It’s something that was taken for granted by the philosophy and ethics of the team. Like the principles of the general project, the beginning of the social work was very different and simple compared to the current one. Basically we were going to limit ourselves to giving x money to the NGOs with the most votes by the community and plant a few trees to counteract the CO2 consumption of the zero gravity trip.

The original and exciting idea arose approximately a month after arriving in Argentina. In the short time that we had been together, we had met several people from the crypto and NFT world, incredible people, but what surprised us the most was not stopping meeting all kinds of artists. So many types of opinions, problems and solutions, individuals so different that from each conversation we got a new idea that would help the artist and us to achieve our mission.

The mission of the project: to merge the earthly with the digital, the mission of social work: to bring together all kinds of artists of any style and recognition, and to give the possibility of meeting and entering this world to anyone. We hope to see a great emerging community from such an open space.

The physical part

We will rent or buy in Buenos Aires an optimal space for the development of the different activities. Inside the enclosure you will find:

Information about Blockchain and its derivatives:

  • Library
  • Eventual classes

Digital transformation workshops:

  • Basic formation in digital economy
  • Digital transformation of physical works
  • Creation of digital works

Talks and events on the premises

The digital part

All the work carried out in the cultural space cannot be wasted, so we will have an NFT market attached to the project. In Rockplex (the market) the works exhibited by the physical and digital community will coexist equally, recreating that bridge between both “worlds”. They will have the same advantages as the holders, thus giving them the opportunity to earn money and join the project by themselves.

“What does not benefit the swarm does not benefit the bee either”


I promised you, it was 3 minutes that passed, right? Anyway, we will divide the roadmap into short and medium term (we won’t give exact dates since unforeseen events can always occur):

1. Short term:

Beginning of the project: Word of mouth begins with the opening of Discord and Twitter. The official Medium, the project website and some little surprises will be announced soon 😉

The first sale will be for 488 SolRockets at 1/7 of the public sale price. It will only be accessible if your wallet is whitelisted. An announcement will be made when the whitelist is completed and in the next few days the mint will be enabled. They will get the OG role and hence future privileges at SolRockets.

The public sale will be 6912 SolRockets. The official minting page link will be announced in our official channels to avoid spam. For this sale we’ll add the Crossmint tool, (allows purchase with both debit and credit cards) giving people still outside the NFT world the opportunity to participate in their first project.
The remaining 377 SolRockets will be minted by the team for Marketing purposes.

The only objective of dividing it into two sales is to value the people who supported us and knew how to visualize the project from the beginning.

  • After the public sale and a little training, we will enable the “DoubleDAO”, a divided institution that will allow the self-management of the community with distinctions between holders through roles. The equivalence, 1 SolRockets = 1 vote, will continue up to a maximum of 10 SolRockets = 10 votes. To clarify, 15 SolRockets = 10 votes. DoubleDAO is divided into: Rules, DoubleDAO Announcements, Ideas or Suggestions, Assembly and Congress.
  • Discord update (new sections, complete improvement of the server, incorporation of moderators, exclusive sections of holders and more)
  • The Origins’ Mystery
  • Snapshot → It will be done days after reaching 77% of total sales. The draw for the trip for two people from the hand of goZeroG. It includes:

→ Two tickets for a 0 gravity experience.

→ Round-trip plane tickets to the city from where the take-off will take place.

→ One hotel night (near the base)

Requirements to participate:

  • Be the owner of at least one SolRockets and have it in your wallet, that is, in the case of being for sale in a secondary market it would not appear in your wallet and therefore the prize would be invalidated, repeating the draw.
  • Follow us on Twitter, Reddit and be in the Discord community.

It can’t be transferred to another person, at the time of contacting the owner of the wallet and requesting the data, it cannot be transferred. To accept the draw you must accept the conditions set forth by the team.

  • Cultural space → The opening of the cultural spaces will be developed in parallel to the digital project. First in Buenos Aires and later we will replicate in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.
  • Founding of the company SolRockets (at the time of founding, proof of the fact will be sent to the holders)
  • Development of Rocketverse → Purchase of digital land, metaverse department, planning and organization of events…

2. Medium term (in time we would be talking after exhausting all the NFT sales)

  • Origin Rockets auction. It’s major perk would be that they will earn 33,33% of SolRockets royalties.
  • Physical events around the digital space to publicize our project. Activities between communities, physical and digital. SolRockets participation in IRL NFT events.
  • SolRockets Branding
  • Digital and physical collaborations with non-digitized brands (always with the aim of creating a bridge between worlds)
  • Rocketverse → It is the name given to our metaverse made up of different lands:

Small size → Art galleries where the community can exhibit their works. As long as you are holders you can request it and your artworks will be exposed.

Large size → The promised land… It will be the place where our community takes the lead role and immerses itself in art…

  • New complementary collections. Anyone knows what deflationary means? (here goes a small clue, SolRockets is composed by 5 factions…)

“Anything that the mind can conceive, can be achieved”


And you may wonder… Why do we take the long term out of the Roadmap? Easy answer, because we are not going to overpromise, so we make it clear that they are ideas that we would like to develop but that we cannot guarantee that they will be done 100%.We could reveal a lot of ideas (some very dope) but we are not innocent and we are not going to give anything away. Even so, we will tell you some…

  • Creation of a platform for… (we want to contribute useful and valuable content to the NFT ecosystem)
  • Tokenomics $SOLROCK (fiscal feasibility?)
  • Replicate the cultural space in LATAM and European countries.
  • Organize physical-digital events, yes physical-digital as you read it (don’t make me remind you of our mission…)

“Those who promise us paradise on earth, brought nothing but hell”


Again, Thanks!

We are excited that you have reached the last section, so if you read this, we invite you to tell us, either through the SolRockets Discord or by private message to anyone on the team. I know that the reading has not been short, but our main goal with this document was to express as much detail and transparency as possible.

After reading this, if you think you can contribute something to the project, whatever it is, as if it is: being a collaborator or donor in social work, being part of the land department, mediator in our networks, collaborating between projects, suggesting ideas, asking questions…TELL-US! It’ll be a pleasure listening to you.

*I add this paragraph, dated 06/03/2022, to thank all of you who encouraged yourself to: give us your honest and constructive opinion, contact us and offer us your help, to the new members who fully trust in the project and for the future ones…

·@abel.jhosua →Marketing Director

· @caroyacoy → Content creator

· @brrunoo → Community Manager

· @juu_sobral → Graphic Designer

· @_lucasholanda → Head of campaigns

· @localsupport → Collaboration

ivan#3150 → Discord moderator

Pyrux#6882 → Discord Moderator

Sneax.NFT#0007 → Contributor

· Sneax.NFT#0007 → Colaborador

And again, thanks for getting here. We’re waiting for you in the Discord and why not, being part of the community.

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want”


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