Martin Johnson Heade — Sunrise in Nicaragua


An Integrated Sustainable Socio-Economic Model: Step by Step Implementation

Episode 3 — Intermezzo II — The Mango Tree


In Nicaragua, the mango tree is the tree of life.

Life revolves in its shade.

The horse grazes beneath it.

The birds sing within.

The yellow butterflies and hummingbirds nurture all immediately without.


Now is the time of the fruit of the mango tree.

At night you hear her arrival on the roof.

In the morning, if you rise early enough to beat the other connoisseurs,

A prize awaits you beneath your window sill.

Sometimes green, sometimes green and purple, and sometimes yellow,

No matter. All the stages of her gift — each has its own charm.


And if it should pass that her gift has found too many friends above and below,

No matter. The saving remnant she chooses for you,

Simply finds its way beneath her shade;

Or into the garden you share,

With the yellow butterfly and the hummingbird.

Linkedin — Solarium Founder

Linkedin — Solarium Founder


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