Wedding Prep — Ready to Glow

Inner Cleansing for Outer Beauty

The day you have waited for all your life is almost here and you are ready to glow. Why is there so much stress, anxiety and anticipation leading up to the best day of your life? The pressure to look fabulous, feel healthy, and lose weight can be overwhelming. You hope for an easy answer — a way to detox and relax at the same time. Sol Sweat Infrared Sauna Spa in Kirkwood offers the solution you need to let it go, let it glow.

Glowing Bride

Taking time for yourself or with a loved one to prepare for the big day both mentally and physically is essential. The sauna offers the space to be present, experience clarity, and reflect and meditate on what’s about to happen. The experience gets your mind right, so that your body can look the way you want — beautiful glowing skin, less tummy fat, and more confidence in your dress and/or tuxedo.

Are you hoping to start a new workout routine? Did you know the sauna is considered a passive workout and one session can burn up to 600 calories? Endorphins are released to give you a therapeutic, nourishing result. It improves blood circulation as more oxygen and nutrients are being pumped into the body, resulting in an energetic buzz similar to hot yoga or a long walk.

Why Sol Sweat? Saunas have been declared the #1 Trend in 2017 by the Global Wellness Summit. Don’t call it a comeback, sauna-going has been a way of life for many countries for ages. In the US, some have associated saunas with dry, hot boxes at the local gym. However, the sauna reinvention has hit many major metropolitan cities with urban “sweathouses” using infrared sauna technology in a spa-like environment. Infrared is a safe, radiant heat therapy resulting in a highly-efficient sweat that eliminates toxins at the cellular level. Unlike the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna heats you gently from the inside out.

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