Chinese PV Module

In a recent interview with R&D Director of Renesola, the quality problem with the Chinese PV module is revealed. Dr. Hou Ruzhong is the R&D director of Renesola and discusses the module problem at great length. Dr. Hou explains that there is not enough attention paid on the quality of module although a large number of shipments are completed. The Chinese modules focus more on the “Price War”. They focus on exporting quantity over quality in order to receive the largest gain.

The quality of the PV module is most related to the material selection and structural design. PID stands for Potential Induced Degradation and this occurs when the modules voltage potential and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module between the semiconductor and other elements of the module such as the glass or frame. To decrease this effect called PID, manufacturers must improve the insulativity of EVA. The backsheet of the module will turn yellow if the front EVA lets UV light transmit. Some of these terms can be quite meticulous so it may be best to read the interview here: