Is YouTube’s Music Domination Finally Coming to an End?
Cortney Harding

Really enjoyed this Cortney.

As an artist it’s interesting to see whether YouTube will eventually shift their focus to assisting indie artists — outside of the Vevo channels they offer for larger artists.

As YouTube is the number one destination for people to listen to - as well as discover - music they have a huge potential here. The ability to have a channel is a great start but it’s not exactly music focused (lack of ability to monetize streaming unless you’re a partner or to offer free/paid downloads are first on my list).

Ultimately I believe that the music platform of the future (whether that’s YouTube or another provider) needs to offer a unification of streaming, monetization and engagement. For years the majority of independent artists have relied on:
- Soundcloud for audio streaming
- Bandcamp for ecommerce
- YouTube for video
- Digital Distributors for accessing Spotify/iTunes etc
- And so on….

The fact that artists need to use so many different channels to manage their careers has become a real pain point. If YouTube could unify all these things under one platform they could change….well, everything.

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