Cloud Complaints


Got your work email from your boss. Apparently, you are the resident cloud architect for my neighborhood. It is my pleasure to be able to speak with you and I hope you do not take issue with the somewhat critical nature of my address. I mean only to speak as one artist to another. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of bands of wild horses, many a dog maw, speckled lily-pads stretching on for eternity, and a nearly cliche amount of lustral birds. Aesthetically, I am in awe of your work. I am probably one of the few people that can appreciate the brutalist nature in some of your pieces. I love their unpretentious honesty and lack of ornamentation. But I’ve noticed, recently and often that they lack purpose — no rain, no exigency, no substance. Clies, I think you’re reaching an impasse in your career. Do not let exhaustion get the better of you, if you can help it. I’ve been there with my own creative work. I gave up writing for years — I just did not have anything new to say. What I did during this downtime was consume. You can’t shit if you don’t eat, Clies. I read, I watched movies, visited galleries and most importantly I saw the clouds. Get out of your head — see the world while it’s still like this. Have you ever had chance to ride in the window seat of an airplane? The clouds of the Colorado Sand Dunes are some of the most engaging in the world, many have compared them to the works of Georgia O’Keefe. Have you been to Kashmir? There, the clouds are so multifaceted, the message-laden and evocative nature of their storm clouds transfuse with the colorful wisps across a setting sun. The city is carved out of the side of a mountain and people travel everywhere by boat. I cannot properly describe it. Have you ever rafted through a lotus farm at dawn, Clies? I think you are overworked. I think there should be a well-deserved vacation on your horizons.

Sincerely Yours,