A Soldier's Whisper
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“Death Was Part Of Our Life As A POW”

My name is Peggy Loughner Fisher and my daddy, Corporal Earl E. Loughner was a Bataan Death March and POW survivor.

He died when I was only 7 years old. Throughout my life I have loved my daddy and always thought of him as MY HERO. After I saw the movie “Unbroken”, I began to start to get a ‘glimpse’ into REAL war. My daddy’s actual words of what he went through followed along the movie very closely. I started writing the book, Daddy Came Home, to acknowledge history, and to remember my childhood memories and to hand Dad’s story to future generations to honor my daddy and family for what they all endured.

Daddy Came Home, contains many written by my father in his own words shortly after he returned from enduring some of the worst atrocities our soldiers experienced in the Philippines and Japan. You will not only ‘feel’ his struggles but you will get a glimpse into what his family was going through during the time he was MIA, knowing he was a POW and after he arrived home.

Let’s ‘walk his walk’ as we honor his memory and recognize the date August 15, 1945 (71 years ago) when Corporal Earl E. Loughner was released from captivity after surviving the Bataan Death March and 3 ½ years as a POW.

~ Peggy Loughner Fisher

Please share your family photos of those who served, so we may feature and honor them on COMES A Soldier’s Whisper.

God Bless all who serve and keep us safe.

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A Soldier's Whisper

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