“I was a kid of 16 years old watching the Vietnam War on television, knowing full well I was going to be drafted. My oldest Brother was in the 82nd Airborne and a Combat Medic. He told me about all that was going on and what to expect. So, I jumped from graduating High School to going into the Military at 18 years of age and in Vietnam by 19 years old.

I was stationed at Bien Hoa AB 69 to 70 with aircraft refueling and unloaded fuel barges on the Dong Nai River outside Bien Hoa City. I was not yet quite a man, but old enough to do the unthinkable. But I grew up quick and learned fast. When I finally discharged in 1972, I had problems getting a job. NO ONE liked Vietnam Vets.

I have a hard time forgetting the war and things that occurred. I want to somehow let God know I’m not a bad man and only did what was expected of me during that conflict. I want to help whomever I can; however I can.

Truth and trust mean everything to me.”

~ Victor Michael Garcia, Vietnam Veteran

Victor’s full story appears in the book NEVER FORGOTTEN, THE VIETNAM VETERAN FIFTY YEARS LATER, available on Amazon.com

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