Lynn Lonbeck, U.S. Navy Veteran


My grandpa served during WWI and my uncle served during WWII. Grandpa boarded a transport ship to go to France and by the time he got there, the war was over.

My dad, James Marshall and pictured in the next photo was 16 years old when he enlisted during Korea. He kept volunteering to be sent to Korea and they wouldn’t send him because they told him he was too young. Dad was stationed at Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne Division. He never did go to Korea. I know he made CPL four times but would lose it because he was a bit of a rascal. He talked about training jumps and you could tell it was something he really loved. He had lots of pictures of his training jumps.

James Marshall 82nd Airborne

My ex-husband, John Muir was with MCB-5 US Navy Construction Battalion from 1967 to 1968, and then again in 1968 to 1969 and retired from the Naval Reserves as a Senior Chief Petty Officer.

My current husband, William Lonbeck followed in his father, Winfield Lonbeck’s footsteps and joined the Navy right before his father passed away. He served aboard the USS Decatur as a Hull Technician. His father served during WWII aboard the USS Nassau. My son, Donald Muir was a nuclear Machinist Mate aboard the USS Enterprise for six years.

Tony Marshall, U.S. Marine Corps

I served in the Navy during the mid seventies and most of my pictures in many moves over the last 40 years. My biggest challenge in the Navy was that I was 17 years old when I left home. I was extremely naive and immature and had to stumble around to find my way. My brother, Tony Marshall left for the Marine boot camp a month before I went to Navy boot camp. I talked to the Marine Recruiter, but it was obvious he didn’t want females in his Marines.

Oh well, at least we both wore anchors!

~ Lynn Lonbeck, U.S. Navy Veteran

Interviews and Stories Collected by Jenny La Sala