Hoof Prints On The Heart For Veterans

They are honored to offer “Horses Helping Heroes”, a program specifically designed to work with veterans, active and reserve military members, first responders, and their families.

Group and individual sessions are available in a safe, caring supportive and natural environment. Each session is custom-tailored to address participant’s individual, personal, short and long term goals, and involves the participation of a horse or horses. Session designs focus on education about equine psychology and behavior, as well as participant self-awareness.

Heroes and family members will learn how horses, as prey animals in nature, are highly sensitive creatures with the ability to quickly assess situations, and provide in-the-moment feedback on our emotions. They also possess the unique ability to mirror our internal perceptions and intentions. The Hoof Prints On The Heart Horses Helping Heroes program is an alternative way to learn and grow, and assists participants in exploring new ways to face challenges that may result from serious trauma, or common every day stressors.

Each session is unique, but some sample designs include an introduction to basic safety and horse care, equine-based grounding techniques, mindfulness, horsemanship education, leading, grooming, and trail walks. In addition to helping our veterans, Hoof Prints on the Heart gives many horses an opportunity to have a purpose long after their show career ends.

At Hoof Prints on the Heart, horses are donated to our program. It becomes their “Forever home.” Every horse is given an important job and that job becomes the easiest in their golden years! All they have to do is be loved, groomed, eat treats, and spoiled, forever, until they move on to the pearly pasture gates. Their only job is to teach people how to love them and cope with individual problems in a peaceful serene environment.

At Hoof Prints on the Heart, every horse has a forever home here on our farm, and a place in the hearts of everyone. Every amount donated, great or small goes towards this mission to provide a horse with a forever home, and a person in need the Equine Assisted Therapy that will help them in a way that’s priceless.

I am a NJ-State Licensed Associate Counselor and a National Certified Counselor, working toward licensure as a Professional Counselor under a state-approved supervision plan. A life-long animal lover, I started my professional career in Animal Assisted Therapy as a therapeutic horseback riding volunteer in 2010.

I have devoted my entire adult life to understanding the human-horse relationship and to trying to find new ways to help people work through everyday challenges and receive unconditional acceptance through a connection with horses.

~ Jenni Tevlin, www.hoofprintsontheheart.org

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