I care deeply about all veterans and it saddens me.

They all made sacrifices for our so called country including my Father, Chris Herman who fought on the front lines in Iwo Jima.

When they were taking Mt. Sirabachi, he was in a fox hole in the hill. Everybody else was dead but him. The Japanese were everywhere. So he stacked the bodies of his fellow Marines and crawled underneath them. He was stuck there for at least a day and a half before helped arrived. He was shell shocked. They got him back to camp and was under physciatric care for 6 months he didn’t talk, not even to my mom or grandma.

My mother told me that every 4th of July he was a nervous wreck because of the fire works. He had nightmares until the day he died in August 2004. He was 85 years old and my Hero and the best Dad a girl could have. So I cannot even imagine the horror that he and all of them went through. I do have his medals for Sharp shooter and Expert shooter.

I never asked him anything about it. When the Marines would send him memorabilia he’d say please throw it in the trash, so I did that once. Then through the years stuff would come, and I’d just throw it out side in the trash and not say a word…

I was wondering, right after Dad died the White House sent me a flag and a certificate honoring him and thankful for his service. We had a small fire and those items were lost. I’m heartbroken over it. Is there anyway I can get them replaced?
~ Cory Herman

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