My dad, John J Creamer, was with the 1st Marine Raider Battalion under Colonel Merritt A. Edsons better known as Edsons Raiders!

The first picture is of Mom and Dad’s wedding day. My Dad is my hero for his actions in WWII. He was a member of Colonel Merrit’s Edson’s Raiders, 1st Marine Division, fighting throughout the South Pacific Islands such as Guam, Guadalcanal, Bougainville, New Georgia, Bloody Ridge, Peleilu and a few other Islands! He received 3 Purple Hearts, and other Citations! His next stop was Iwo Jima had he not gotten seriously wounded the 3rd time at the Mantanikau River, where he was recommended for the Navy Cross for heroism rescuing wounded Marines! He was hit in the neck by a Japanese machine gun nest.

For Extraordinary Heroism while on Reconnaissance Patrol in a Rifle Squad, attached to Company C, First Marine Raider Battalion in the Matanikau River Area, Guadalcanal, and British Solomon Islands! Citation On 27 September, 1942 during an early morning patrol at the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal, PFC Creamer now (Corporal) and his Lead Team, which consisted of 6 Men, suddenly came under deadly close range fire from a numerically superior enemy force, concealed in positions along a heavily wooded ridge, east of their patrol position. As it was immediately apparent to him that their were several Marine casualties who were unable to evacuate themselves to safety, Private First Class Creamer quickly forged ahead to aid one of the more seriously wounded of the lead group who remained exposed to the enemy’s furious point blank fire. Braving a hail of exploding grenades, mortar shells and devastating light machine gun fire and rifle fire, he dashed some Twenty yards and carried the first wounded Marine to a position of relative safety.

Undaunted by the mounting barrage of devastating hostile fire, he dashed back through the fire swept area to carry a second stricken man from the line of fire. While boldly shouting encouragement to other wounded comrades, he bravely moved forward a third time. He had almost reached another wounded Marine when he was struck in the neck from a machine gun burst. Despite his severe injury, he crawled to the wounded comrade and now assisted by other Marines, whom his actions had inspired and rallied, helped in dragging him to safety and immediate medical treatment. Steadfastly persistent in refusing medical first aid for himself, he resolutely secured an operable weapon and returned to a nearby fire position. There he rejoined in the fierce fire attack, where he assisted in promptly destroying an automatic weapons position with withering and accurate rifle fire and grenades. His selfless and courageous actions were in the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. For his extraordinary heroism and Valor at the risk of his own life, PFC Creamer was recommended for the Navy Cross.

The next picture is of myself as a Marine. I served with the 25th Marines, Motor transport unit. I did not see combat action, as I was too young for Vietnam. I served during peacetime a relatively calm period. However, my older brother Paul is a Vietnam Veteran. The group picture shows my dad in the middle with me and my twin brother who passed away in 2004. My twin brother was also a Marine! My Dad never talked about the war with my twin brother or me. But he did so with my older brother!

My mother died when my twin and I were only 10 years old and Dad had to do the upbringing from there! He taught us how to cook and clean when we were 10. Dad passed away in 1989. It is amazing looking back and realizing that I could cook steaks and roasts and chicken when we were small.

I miss Mom and Dad very much!
~ Terry Creamer, USMC Veteran

We are very thankful to Terry for sharing his story with Comes A Soldier’s Whisper veteran tribute page and invite you to share your service photos and a memory of your wartime experience.

God Bless all who keep us safe.


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