“Jenny La Sala thru her book,” Never Forgotten” has managed to pursue the memories of many Vietnam Veterans who otherwise would have gone to their graves with untold stories of their life changing events!

Jenny is a writer and interviewer who through her diligence and personal warmth actually captures the interviewees emotional thoughts as critical pieces in our Countries growth and understanding of what it is like to be a participating Veteran of an unpopular war.

I challenge the readers of this book not to be awestruck and emotionally affected by what this read has to offer. Jenny through her deep caring for Veterans has illuminated to excellence the art of carefully drawing delicate information from those interviewed. I am sure that many a Vietnam Veteran will benefit from the stories told as part of their own story. This may help them to resolve burning issues long hidden.

My sincerest thanks to Jenny for her unquestionable hard work and caring, and the excellence of this and other works of hers that will immortalize those affected by war.”
Thomas B. Daly (Major US Army Retired)

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