During the years after we returned from Vietnam the country was in a mess.

We weren’t welcomed home. Anti-war protesters and draft dodgers greeted us. Hippies, druggies and Black Panthers maligned us. The Republic of New Africa and Jane Fonda supported the Viet Cong. Apparently we were the enemy. It was a hard time to be a Vietnam Veteran.

Since Christmas I have read three or four stories each night in the book, Never Forgotten, The Vietnam Veteran Fifty Years Later. Even though they bring back a motherlode of memories, I savor each one. It is like having a box of your favorite chocolates. You don’t want to eat them too fast or they will be gone and over with. It is such a reminder of the similarities of the things we all went through.

Many veterans said things I would have said along with accompanying feelings. It inspired me to write some more memories of my own about my time in the military. It was just good for me to do it.

Thank you so much for putting the book together. I feel lucky to have heard about it. It helps a lot. 
~ Terry Molinari, Vietnam Veteran

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