Military Shadow Box


I just finished an amazing and customized Military Shadow Box for Jenny La Sala.

Her father, David Clinton Tharp was with the101st Airborne, 502nd PIR and served in radio communication and artillery in regimental headquarters under Colonel Cole, Colonel Michaelis and Colonel Chappuis.

He was in D-Day, Carentan, Holland and the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded 4 Bronze Stars with “V”, 2 Purple Hearts, and many more. The Dutch Embassy in Washington will be providing the Orange Lanyard awarded by Holland in 1944.

Cpl David Clinton Tharp 101st Airborne, 502nd PIR, Reg. Hq.

One of the biggest honors was to bring back one of Jenny’s child hood memories with a WWII medallion that her father brought home from Bastogne, Belgium. I was able to obtain and replace this very rare find and fill in some details that her family was unaware of like the fact that he was a Corporal, which is clearly designated on his discharge papers in small print.

Jenny has preserved the memory of her father by publishing his letters written home during war in the book COMES A SOLDIER’S WHISPER. You can visit Jenny’s published works at and her veteran tribute page by the same name at Mr. Tharp’s original letters are on display at the Indiana Military Museum, Inc. in Vincennes, Indiana as well as the Museum of Military History in Kissimmee, Florida.


She is now anxiously awaiting this beautiful Military Shadow Box to complete her father’s memory.

~ David Edwards, Owner of Anything-American Custom Military Shadow Boxes “We Honor The Veteran In Your Life”

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