Byron Mccalman, Vietnam and Iraq War Verteran


“Slowly over the years, I have learned that prayer is the best weapon there is. From the day I set foot in that country, and until this very day, it’s been God first in all things.

As surely as soldiers walk, they know the decisions overtaking them in battle, which leave them no choice. That is war.

Jenny Lasala brings light and hope to subjects and lives with the story of the Vietnam War from a soldier’s perspective. Men and women who fought, bled, died and lived for a cause are told and explained in this wonderful writing by the “soldier’s perspective themselves” point of view. The answers of then are insightful and respectful to all concerned with the history, lives and families of the soldiers who fought.

The “Never Forgotten: The Vietnam Veteran Fifty Years Later” gives the reader the soldier’s inner mindset surrounding the conflicts and actual battles in the style of those who witnessed these events first hand and with that said: “Each and every story is important.”

We thank you Jenny La Sala for the respect and honor You give to the Vietnam Veterans in Your authoring and publishing Our stories. You have made all who read and were there know and feel “Never Forgotten” and those fallen and injured in battle.”
Byron Mccalman, Vietnam and Iraq War Veteran

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