David Snell

My big brother, David Snell, a US Navy Veteran!

The following is an excerpt from a poem by Jennifer D. Brock, and I thought of of my older brother, David whom I did know about until I was 45 years old. The story behind this is told in my first book, MY FAMILY COMPASS.

What you mean to me
Is more than I can express.
You see, I had no big brother when I was little
To call when I was in distress.

When we first met,
We had no clue
What was getting ready to happen,
Was not completely out of the blue.

God had a plan
Throughout all the years.
He was making us for each other
To share life’s smiles and tears.

I never could have imagined
What a big brother’s love was about,
Until I met you,
And then I really found out.

A big brother’s love is unconditional.
It’s a love that has no end.
A big brother’s love wants the best for each other.
It’s a love that will always defend.

Jenny La Sala