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Jason Yaj, US Navy Veteran


I’m a Navy Veteran and legionnaire.

I’ve been an active member of the newest MN 4th District American Legion Post 1975.

This is a picture of myself on the left with my friend BM2 Tobia onboard the USS STETHEM DDG 63 San Diego. My dad is a Hmong Vietnam Veteran. He was with the Hmong SGU (secrete guerilla unit) under the CIA, USAF Ravens. These US commando units watched and supported to defend Laos and ambush the Ho Chi Minh Trail from VC. My dad, Xay Nou Yang and my Uncle Bee Yang are still alive and live in Minnesota. He was in the war at age 15. They both served, as MP for General Vang Pao and my dad was a medic. This is a picture of them. Dad is on the left and my uncle; his younger brother is on the right.

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Warriors an Brothers, Xay Nou Yang and Bee Yang

I know there are a lot of Vietnam Veterans who served close to the Lao borders and know whom the Hmong were, especially the Ravens and commandos who served secretly inside Thailand and Laos. The Hmong did a lot of damage on the VC supply lines and rescued many of downed American pilots. They also flew T-28’s and flew over 100 missions in a day. You can watch this video clip showing our warrior spirits to fight for what Hmong stood for, free men! This clip shows our legion members in action overseas and abroad.

My father and uncle have lived here in Minnesota since after the fall of Saigon and got us to the US in late 70’s. There was a genocide out for the Hmong as we sided with the US for democracy and were being hunted down. As far as their thoughts or feelings after the US pulled out of Vietnam, a lot of Hmong express different and mixed feelings about the pull out. My father and uncle like any veteran never mentioned it or shrugged it off, I think it is just like how we viewed the Gulf War and post 9/11 Veterans. So when people today debate over terrorists and the US involvement, etc., we tend to play neutral and stay quiet. We did our jobs by protecting our brothers and sisters and let the non-combatants debate it out.

The last picture was taken at the 2015 military ball hosted by American Legion 3H Post 1975 St. Paul, MN. I’m not familiar with everyone’s name and rank as some of them were home from leave and just came by invitation. But we had attendees from Senator John Lesch former National Guard officer to Councilman Dai Thao of ward one on your far left. I’m on the bottom left sitting down.

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My wife is the membership supervisor for the YMCA in our area and wants me to get some feedback on how the Y can help better their military discount program. Currently it is only for active duty and so I’m trying to fight this one for the veterans.

Please give us some ideas on what the Y can do for you!

~ Jason Yaj, US Navy Veteran

Special thanks goes to Jason for his family service and for sharing his story with us. We welcome you to share your family photos of those who served both past and present, so we may feature and honor them on our COMES A Soldier’s Whisper Veteran tribute page

God Bless all who serve and keep us safe.

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WWII VET’S DAUGHTER🇺🇸 Niece 2 Korean War Vet 🇺🇸 SIS 2 GULF WAR VET 🇺🇸 EX 2 NAM VET — Deployed nephews

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