Victory Mail VMAIL


This is one of hundreds of communications that Dad sent during World War II as a 101st Airborne paratrooper.

Mother kept each and every letter and Victory Mail otherwise referred to as V-Mail like the one pictured here. Dad wrote this one on January 5, 1945 while still surrounded during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, but continued writing 1944, as many of us do when the new year rolls around.

He writes, “Most people think we are fighting for someone else, maybe so. But in order to keep our government and way of life we too must be in it.”

David Clinton Tharp 101st Airborne, 502nd PIR, Regimental Headquarters Radio Communicator and Artillery

Dad’s wartime letters in the book by the same name as veteran tribute page COMES A Soldier’s Whisper honors his memory and all of the men and women who serve today.

“Most people coming out of war feel lost and resentful. What had been a minute-to-minute confrontation with yourself, your struggle with what courage you have against discomfort, at the least, and death at the other end, ties you to the people you have known in the war and makes for a time others seem alien and frivolous.”
~ Lillian Hellman, American playwright

Jenny La Sala

Love and miss you Dad each and every day…