We are very excited that Guideposts Magazine is doing an interview, photo shoot and video of Jim Markson and myself this week for their February 2017 issue.

Jim, a Vietnam Veteran and I were married for 15 years but sadly divorced in 1987. We have two beautiful children, Curtis and Holly and a soon to be 5 year old granddaughter, Gisele.

Nearly 25 years later, Jim and I would reunite as friends and publish the letters and his reflections looking back in time over his tour in Vietnam and surviving the January 1968 TET Offensive for which his unit was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. The book is Vietnam and Beyond, Veteran Reflections and we could not be more proud of this beautiful and patriotic book. Visit the website website www.VietnamAndBeyond.com

Jim’s father served in WWI and had 3 uncles served in WWII. But Uncle Joe Tengi was killed in action while fighting in Germany. Jim’s mother’s family was notified of this devastating loss by telegram. Uncle Joe still had sealed but not yet mailed letters on his person when he was killed…

I had a quiet and suppressed history of family who served in the military. I say suppressed because it was not until after I completed this book project with Jim that I realized I had carried with me secondary PTSD and how this dramatically influenced me in life. I know that I am not alone. My ancestors fought in the Civil War and my father was a decorated 101st Airborne paratrooper in WWII. My brother served in the Gulf War and returned forever changed.

We feel very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to share our story and how God played a part in our lives, yesterday and today.

God Bless all who serve!