Six habits a succesful, 31-year old millenial lives by

Adam Ford, at age 31 is the CEO and founding partner of Upkeep, a million dollar company that creates unique, membership-based home Upkeep programs.

These are the 6 habits that form part of Adam’s life.

1. Exercise. Adam believes that exercise gets the blood flowing and the body feeling healthy first thing in the morning. He starts his day with a 20 minute workout and prefers a solid chin up and push up routine for best results.

2. Water and lemon. Adam drinks a 16oz glass of cold water and lemon to get his metabolism and digestion working first thing in the morning.

3. Goals. Adam is a firm believer in writing down goals. He understands that if you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know how to get there. If you don’t clearly set your own path, you could easily find yourself on someone else’s path. Every morning he reads his goals to ensure that he is moving in the direction that he wants.

Adam finds time! He has laminated his goals and posted them in the shower — every single day his goals are in his face.

4. Affirmations. Adam lives this quote from the Buddha

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Adam uses affirmations to keep his thoughts positive and believes that affirmations should change as life changes. He knows that like attracts like, and sends out good vibrations with his positive thoughts and words.

5. Side project. Adam also believes that spending 15 minutes each day on a side project is good for the soul. Taking his mind off his everyday tasks and challenges is inspiring and part of the process of dreaming about and creating his life.

6. Positive news. Adam finds podcasts and audio books that uplift him or relate to his side project and listens to them on his commute to work. He doesn’t believe in listening to bad news.

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