Soleil Bank: A Cut above the Rest

Started on the island of Comoros, Soleil Chartered Bank holds its place in the world as a well-renowned trade finance institution that provides services for helping the needs of many banks, brokers and more. With their broad, international reach, Soleil Chartered Bank makes certain that traders, businesses and those in neither category are given the proper tools to get exactly what they desire.

SCB goes out of their way to give clients a definitive and mold-able idea of what they want for their business. Through this, they specialize in services that are proficient in challenging the competition with customer service.

Soleil Bank prides itself in giving the best service clients could buy and this happens to include: bank guarantees, letters of credit and standby letters of credit. SCB also helps its best clients by providing access to the great rapport they have already established with banks. This allows for many valuable assets at the clients’ disposal.

Documentary Collections costs relatively less than the Letters of Credit because their end results are less secure. Due to lower cost in this specific area, Soleil Chartered Bank’s prices can go head to head with those of their opposition.

Soleil Bank provides letters of credit and bank guarantees which can regulate the way trading are carried out. With this knowledge, clients can receive some emergency capital when in the process of trading. The costs of these tools rest on how much they are worth, how long the tool is available, what kind of SWIFT type message is used as well as whether or not the bank allows the usage of the tool. Before the tools are used, SCB requires payment and then the tools are released in subsequently 48 hours.

SCB maintains ownership of documents regarding the documentary collections until the importing client compensates the bank or receives the goods being delivered. Since SCB is dedicated to providing clients Documentary Collections, this is what the product entails.

Those who are buying and selling will have more secure transactions than those who do business through more open accounts; the collections will be, in a sense, “spotless”. Also, the transactions made by way of SCB work best when customers are located in countries with solid governments and when transactions on a minor scale are generated.

SCB implements a method titled “Know Your Customer” to make sure that clients adhere by the rules. They are, some of them at least, as follows:

· Collection and Analysis of basic customer identity better known as the CIP Program

· Name matching against known agency lists

· Expectation of transactions and realistic customer goals

Anti-Money Laundering is also something used by SCB to make sure their processes are not fraudulent. There are a few important parts to that such as:

· Construction of protocols to detect fraudulent transactions

· Report to necessary authorities those suspected of money laundering

· Customer identification retained for at least 5 years to ensure prolonged security

SCB implores employees abide by the rules that are set up by the company to assure the best possible experience for the client.

Soleil Chartered Bank supports exporters, importers, small businesses and others with their trade finance needs and has done so well over ten years now. They have 1,700 trade finance transactions under their belt and expect to be more involved another decade down the line. Exactly how massive these transactions and credit lines are usually depends on the size of the projector what is being sent out. SCB has been responsible for shipping out items on the scale of a minor amount of clothes all the way up to a gigantic amount of fuel. Their ability to adapt to whatever the client needs makes for the strongest possible outcomes for the business.

With all of that being said, Soleil Chartered Bank is truly a name to trust.