The Journey — Traveller Within ( Book Review )

Author — Tarun Deep Singh

For me it is solid 4.5/5
Price is 199/-
Pages - 153

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Bhagvad Gita - " What did you bring in this world that you have lost .. "

This book is a food for every soul.
Not a self help book but it talks about self realization, the journey towards the ultimate truth. Author has touched upon vivid topics from the fallen one who still is stuck in the cycle of Ego , greed , selfishness, grief to the one who has become aware and in the path of the truth walking in the various stages of enlightment.

There are quotes by various spiritual guides like Guru Nanak , Kabir , Buddha and from religious books like Gita which are explained beautifully at appropriate places.Concepts taken from Physics too are included at which keep a logic hungry mind interested.

With different diagrams of
Karma , Depression , Conflict of soul and with the world, Greed , Ego , Conscious - Subconscious minds talk , noise in the soul , meta physics and many many such topics discussed , that show the Author has done vast research and have poured extreme hard work in compiling his best thoughts in this book.

These kind of books need an open mind. If you keep your mind pre occupied with past notions you cannot grab the ideas presented here.

So read it then decide which you felt logical or what didnot make sense. All people will have a different ratio of blend of both

Language is lucid , effective.
The cover is soul soothing.

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Hello,I am Camelia from Kolkata , India.Having done M.Tech,I am a budding entrepreneur.I read books of all genres and share my views.

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