Untold Love Stories from India by Khushwant Singh ( Book Review )

Did I mention I only like romantic stories that involve some serious ways of developed/ mature minded Love or stories which carry good depth ? Lovely dovey ways are no more flattering to me !

Pages- 118
Price 195/-

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Cover according to me is extremely beautiful in matt finish.I don't it looks so beautiful and in real life it is more beautiful .
Page quality , binding etc that I always look in books while buying is really nice it is from Peacock publishers .

This book named Untold Love stories from India is a collection of 14 short love stories from different corners of India like Punjab , Shimla , Mumbai , etc that are less known or rather not even known outside the boundary of respective families and friends. They are collected together and now authored by Khushwant Singh @eccentric

To start with the stories are mostly based either few centuries back or in British India . The stories are quite different than each other but the fact that they potrait Love in such selfless manner is really liked my me.They were based on serious yet realistic plots and I did connect with the beautiful protagonists in most of the stories.They not only potraite Love as sacred but also focus on the plight of People and their families during caste riots , shallow society ideals and even heart wrenching India Pakistan divide during 1947.This book is even good for young teenagers as well. Any aged person can read it .

Love thrives beyond caste , religion , profession , creed and every thing ! It contacts souls and souls dwell deeper than the skin or any thing.

The narration style was flawless.I felt the narration was actually more smooth,beautifully interconnected and commendable more than the previous book that I read lately named Cofessions of the Virgin brides .

Short stories are my all time go to reads.
And what I like about Khushwant Singh 's books are that they are quite different from comtemporary writers now a days. He focuses on non conventional topics as well as on social evils and taboos. 
I will definitely give this book 4.3/5

If you like you may buy it here — https://amzn.to/2wY2ciX

Review of other books coming soon.

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