My Morning Ritual

I recently completed an interview for a website and we talked about SEO, social media and how the marketing landscape has changed. At the end the interviewer asked me to give her readers any advice. I talked about reading and staying educated about their industry. But looking back on it I should have discussed the benefits of a morning ritual.

Since it is too late to add that to the final interview I am going to discuss it here.

My morning ritual is probably the most important part of my day because it sets up the rest of it. It gets me focused and amped at the same time. I find that when I skip even one element of my morning ritual my day is a little off.

So here is how I start my day.


Having some water right after you wake up is important. You have been sleeping for 6,7,8 hours or more without water and your body needs it. I oftem wake up with a dry mouth, in need of some water.

I keep a bottle of water by my bed so it is the first thing I reach for in the morning (even before my smartphone).


After I am fully hydrated and have gone to the bathroom I settle in for 20 minutes of meditation. I practice Transcendential Meditation and have a mantra that I repreat over and over for the 20 minutes.

I also have a Spotify playlist of mellow meditation music that I listen to during that time. This really clears my mind and allows me to deal with any issues that may pop up during the day.

Some of you may be thinking that sitting still for 20 minutes is impossible. It’s not. But if you are just starting out try it for 5 minutes. And then 10 minutes. If you build up to the 20 minute level you will find it much easier.

Yoga Stretching

After meditation I do 10 minutes of yoga stretching. As I am not as young as I used to be this is really important for me. The yoga poses not only get me limbered up for my morning run but they also get my heart pumping and make me feel alive.

I have had the same yoga routine for years and it is probably time to add a few new positions but I’m a creature of habit. There are a number of yoga apps and online videos that you can use to build your own yoga routine.


After the stretching I go for a morning run. Usually it is two miles and I track my run witht the Nike+ Running app. It is the best one that I have used so far.

When I first started out I was so heavy that running was out of the question, so I just walked. Slowly I started to add a bit of running and now I can do it just fine.


After my run (and a shower) I sit down to read for 30 minutes. Continual learning is an integral part of my life. I read books about my indistry, self-hlp books, fiction, really anything that speaks to me and I feel will make me a better person.

I keep all of my books (116 of them) on my tablet for easy access and portability.

Reading just three books about your industry will give you more knowledge than most of the people you will come on contact with during your business day.

That is my total morning ritual. It sets up my day perfectly and (in my opinion) makes me a better person.

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