Are you afraid to make money?

This is a story about scarcity. I have fallen into a scarcity mind set many times in my own life. I can’t afford that, or I am am too poor to pay attention, is one of my favorite made up sayings. The things we say to ourselves does program our way of thinking. I have seen this in many others, as well as myself. My own wife and I have tried to start many business. I noticed that when we would get to the point of making money, then that is when she would give up or sabotage the venture. I really couldn’t understand personally what what going on. She would say things like, “I don’t need to be rich.”
I sat with a person yesterday that I know fairly well and they were against anything that would be an investment or would help anyone but themselves. They would say they couldn’t afford this or that. I saw they could afford a car, a house and food. They would say, no one helped me and I don’t want to help anyone, they can figure it out like I have had to. Those that have wealth have said that they got there by giving more than they received. They also solved problems, big problems because they wanted to help others and that problem solving for others made money.
What some people don’t understand is even poor people can be greedy. Sometimes the poorer you are, the more greedy you are because you have a mind set of scarcity. You have a mind set of not being able to give because you don’t have enough, so you want to keep everything. With that mind set you will never have anything. You will keep scraping by, because you have to expand your mind to have more. Also, like myself, in the past, I have often decided to give my time instead of my money. Although that seems noble, your heart is where you put your money. I don’t mean to say don’t give your time but also give your money. Because you invest in your values and what you value. If you value your family then give your money and time to it. By not giving your money to something you show you don’t value it. Just like if you don’t give your time.

Also if you want more just like those that have money, you have to give more. Successful people give more value then they get. That is why they become rich; because they have found a way to produce more, create more and give more. If you are just worried about keeping what you have and don’t care about what you can give to others, then you are living a selfish life and you can be assured that selfishness is never rewarded. So, never utter the words I can’t afford it but say to yourself, “how can I afford this?” Just by asking that question, you are expanding your mind to find an answer. Never say, “I don’t need to be rich!” You are saying you don’t need to be rich but maybe someone in your family or close to you does need you to be rich. If you were rich you could afford a life saving cancer treatment for a family member. You could afford food for a struggling neighbor. You may not need to be rich but maybe someone in your life does need you to be. Maybe also you could be if you just found value in it, pushed yourself or simply invested in it. Don’t be afraid to make money, be afraid to not take the chance of making money.

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