Race, Let’s talk about it!


I think education is the solution. Is it? I like this pod cast because I often learn about subjects that I am not aware of. I am working on a scifi book of my own that I will be talking about in the next few months. This article is something more about our culture then scifi. With the current events going on, with Trever Noaha being the host of The Daily Show. With me working with an ex police officer. With seeing Facebook feeds about nazis and protesters being mowed down with a car. With Martin Luther Jr. (Dream speech) anniversary. A Ted Talk about how a black man went undercover on racists websites and chat rooms, to learn really why they hate him. This pod cast talked about several issues of the culture that I would have never thought about. The one thing that struck me is how this lady played a slave at Mt. Vernon reenactments and how some people denied the history and some people decided it was appropriate to make jokes about it. The pod cast just to me proves that some people can really be crappy, not putting in any thought before speaking.

I think it is somewhat indicative that when people are confronted with a uncomfortable situation, they can make inappropriate jokes thinking their funny, when they are just rude and or ignorant. I don’t know why people think it is appropriate to be just plain rude in different situations? Or they feel that pushing their agenda, without thought to what is right or wrong, is the right move in the moment.

With that said, I obvious to those who know me, am a white guy. I don’t really think about what advantages that gives me because I know plenty of people that are not white, that seem to be more successful than I feel, a majority of the time. Maybe the crap that I have had to go though, is somewhat better then the crap others have had to go though, that are not white. I think living in the two areas I have lived gives me a wider experience with race.

Growing up I had this underlying feeling that being discriminate, saying or being racist was evil. As a young kid I remember having a best friend across the street that was black and that seemed normal to me. I remember about the same age someone explaining to me that a couple at a certain house were in an interracial marriage. That conversation though made me feel like people were judging them unfairly because of it, not that there was something wrong. I moved to a rural area later and we were in a small school of about two hundred kids. It consisted of three back kids and two Mexican brothers. Two of the colored kids were adopted, a brother and sister. The boy was out going and social and the girl was quite and nerdy. The brother was the most popular kid in school because of his attitude, I guess. I even wanted to be his friend because he was just fun to be around. Also the feeling was if he could be your friend, you could be popular too. When I moved to Arizona I was surrounded by a mix of different races but particularity Mexican as you could imagine. I don’t know how a young guy could be racist against Mexicans though, with hormones and all these young beautiful Spanish women around.

My Dad would tell me about stories living in Texas with his uncle 1959. He would run into some pretty racist experiences he didn’t fully understand because he was largely from the western united states. He would get into situations where he was defending someone that was black, from verbal abuse or violence and get a barge of abuse himself for getting involved. That was one extreme and then the other was going to Hollywood High with a large population of black kids and being verbally abused or getting into fights for being white. My Dad had a way of spinning a story so I didn’t always take everything he said as completely true. My only point is to give you some context to how I grew up and what race has played in my life.

Later I became a Christian and as that experience brought context to my life. I became a spiritual brother to everyone in my church, no matter their skin color, they are my family. I saw that we were all part of the human race. We all were in the same situation of needing repentance and faith in Christ. Also the gnome and science has proven that we all come from the one ancestor. They call her Eve but don’t admit to a Biblical foundation. We can determine from science that skin color comes directly from the loss of pigment. White people are only white because they have lost all dark pigment. So, science has determined that the first humans, that we all come from. were dark and being white is a removal of that pigment. To equate that to anyone being better or worse is just ignorant and being mean.

I think what any culture or person is capable of is determined by the mind and what someone believes they can do. The story of the four minute mile is one of the greatest examples of people understanding what is possible. I think that is what Afrofuturism is about. Dreaming for a culture what is possible. That is why it sounds like so many people are so passionate about it because it breaks the limits in thought of what is possible for a culture.


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