A village on the move

Metipso village is a tiny vibrant community approximately 12KM west of Eldama Ravine, Baringo county. Very blessed with abundance of thick lembus indigenous forest that’s part of massive Mau complex. It’s the of source of chemususu water project and chemususu dam.

This little community is well known for massive talented runners and solid connection. We have produce several medals to our country. Besides the medals, we networked with friends of Metipso who are passionate and love our community and wants our community to succeed.

In the pipeline by the friends of metipso community, is a resource center, library and museum. To connect it all is the high speed Metipso internet portal. Plans are underway to install Internet that will help the residents especially the unemployment youths and women either freelance online or take correspondence classes.

Most of all, the schools in the area can video conference with other schools outside Kenya. In particular, there is a school in Canada that is ready to collaborate with students and teachers in Metipso to learn from each other. You can follow this project on our Facebook page to find out our launch dates and future upcoming projects.


The Richardson Family


The Birir Family

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