2018 goals

Every good blogger is supposed to post a year-end future-looking missive about their goals for the next year, right? Fine, I’ll do it.

Here’s my list of goals for 2018:

Do something.

There, I’m done with my list.

Ok, it’s a little bit more than just “do something”, but really, that’s what it comes down to. Stop thinking about the next step so much. Stop analyzing everything so much. Financial independence isn’t a hard concept. It’s literally two parts: Make more money; spend less money. How you make more is up to each person; how you spend less is up to each person.

For me, it starts with figuring out a budget, or at least figuring out how much I’m spending. It might take a while for me to really settle on a budget as I figure out income. There aren’t many areas that I can really cut back on spending. I can eat at home more when I’m home and I may be able to change my cable bill a little bit, but that’s about it. I don’t pay for a gym membership. My cell phone bill will drop in a few months once my phone is paid off. I can’t really turn my heat down any because it already barely ever runs. I’m already using energy efficient light bulbs in as many places as possible. Unplanned splurge spending is about the only major spending category that I can cut back on or eliminate. Which I should. I also just moved into a much smaller apartment to save $380/month. And I’m currently shopping for new renter’s and car insurance, but my current plan with Geico still appears to be the best price for both.

I’m hoping to change the type of work I do this year. I enjoy touring, but I’m ready to do bigger corporate events where I don’t have to live on a tour bus and wear flip-flops in the shower. This could either make me a lot more money, the same amount, or less money. The joys of freelancing!

2018 may also see me setting up an LLC to take advantage of some tax loopholes and simplify how my income is handled. There’s a lot to consider with this change, so I’ll need to find a professional to help me figure this out. It impacts my personal (and then business) taxes and possibly some changes to how I can invest and how my insurance works.

Beyond just that, I hope to throw in some traveling when I’m not working. I’ve got some companion passes, so I may be able to take my parents somewhere or a quick get away with a friend. I also really want to take a cross-country ride on Amtrak, and maybe even make it a full round-trip journey and spend a week or so on the train, and scheduling a day off in some places. I’m also going to pretend that I’ll do more writing here. I might, but probably won’t.

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