“Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are.”

— Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post

Today, we are announcing a new, specialized course for marketers! Coding for Marketers will help you learn the basics of HTML and CSS to expand your marketing prowess. In today’s world, every industry utilizes coding, and each specialist within that industry needs to develop relevant skills to grow and innovate. So, we’ve introduced our first course intended specifically for marketers.

Coding is for everyone! As a marketer, coding gives you endless opportunities to create, innovate, and grow. In today’s digital space…

The Sololearn Rebranding Story

Our vision at Sololearn is to bridge the skills gap that exists between the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow. We come to work everyday to build a platform customized to each individual’s daily learning goals, pace, preferences, and potential.

That’s why we have some big news to share today: We are updating the Sololearn brand, logo, and wordmark! Learn more about the change, why we did it, and what it means in this article.

A Bit Of Sololearn Brand History…

Our current logo has served us well for many years. It was originally created by our co-founder’s wife back in 2014, long before…

In our blog posts, we explore some of the biggest topics around programming, learning, and the tech industry. In the past we’ve covered specific programming languages, as well as explored topics like staying motivated or prioritizing your coding classes appropriately. This week though, we’ll be shifting directly slightly to answer a common question — “Why are CSS and HTML for marketers such a good idea to learn?”

This is a great question, not only for marketing professionals or programmers who work with companies where marketing is a priority. Indeed, knowing how to market a product or application (even if you…

What is more important — collecting course certificates or skill-building?

Unlike some traditional jobs, where you can simply complete an academic program or build your entire skill set after a few years in your trade, a programming career is never truly finished. Because technology is always evolving, and programming languages continue to emerge and evolve alongside new devices and platforms, even the most experienced programmers are always being pushed to learn new languages, techniques, and tools to stay ahead of the game.

This fundamental truth about programming is at the core of this week’s Ask SoloLearn question from the SoloLearn community. You want to know, “what is more important —…

Do You Need To Learn A Framework To Get A Job As A Programmer?
Do You Need To Learn A Framework To Get A Job As A Programmer?
Do You Need To Learn A Framework To Get A Job As A Programmer?

Often, the biggest point of contention between experienced programmers is over the best language in which to write code. Should you learn Python for web development, or Ruby? Do you need to know Swift to be able to program well for newer devices, like smartphones? However, learning and knowing a programming language is only part of the picture to be a high-level developer. In modern programming, frameworks are equally critical to coding success.

This is relevant for this week’s edition of Ask SoloLearn. The SoloLearn community wants to know, “Do you need to learn a framework to get a job…


Modern web development for the wide range of devices people use to connect to the Internet is complex. Elements that weren’t as necessary even a decade ago, such as fitting a variety of device screen sizes and adapting code to various web browsers, are essential now. As a result, the universe of programming languages that are optimal for web development is actually smaller than you may expect.

Golang, or Go for short, is one of those optimal languages. Go was initially created in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson, all engineers at Google. Go received its official…

Code Repo for HTML Course

Today, we‘re super excited to announce a new feature called Code Repo! Code Repo is a way for people to practice writing code inside a course, starting with HTML. It connects a series of practice opportunities together and produces a final output at the end of the course — a personalized, HTML-based CV as your final project! Using Code Repo, you’ll learn HTML and create a resume at the same time. Code Repo is available when you subscribe to SoloLearn PRO. Check it out today by starting your free trial.


HTML is one of the fundamental programming languages of the…

Ask SoloLearn

Scalability is a term central to modern web development, and one of the central focuses of any development team. In simple terms, it’s the ability for an app to rise to meet increases in demand (either technically from the various devices users are using, or in the numbers of users themselves). Since modern web and mobile device users have grown accustomed to nearly instantaneous response times from websites and apps (a far cry from the early days of the Internet), ensuring scalability in an application is an essential step.

Often, scalability is either helped or hindered by the database powering…

What should you know about Crystal?

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs how there is no shortage of Ruby programming enthusiasts out there. For years, Ruby was one of the premiere web development languages — responsible for powering the apps and software of some of the biggest names in tech, from Facebook to Airbnb to Uber. However, developers are always looking for the next big thing in programming languages, and Ruby has slowly fallen out of favor as newer, powerful competitors have emerged.

One of the most popular of those new Ruby competitors? Crystal. Combining many of the best features of Ruby with the speed of the…

What is Color Interpolation?

Anyone with an iPhone or Android device from the past few years knows the amazing extent to which smartphone cameras have evolved. While just twenty years ago, standalone digital cameras were highly in-demand and required for anyone who wanted to snap a ton of photos on the go, flagship industry devices like the Galaxy S21 and the IPhone12 Pro offer incredibly high-quality cameras capable of a range of functions and processing capabilities.

So how have cameras been able to evolve to their current abilities? It’s no secret that high-quality cameras have been the key driver behind the growth of media-centric…


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